Samsung Charm Review: Chill Charm [4K]

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• Arman • says:

nice review

Borislav Yordanov says:

is it waterproof ?

Rtle Tu says:

나중에 누가 스마트폰들 가지고 실제 걸음수 측정 해주면 재미있겠네요…ㅎㅎ

심 심 says:

lets try to think now what is the reason only few people r watching this video..gets some cuttie panda suit haha jok 🙂

Bhargu Cherry says:

how can we get samsung gear charm in india

RED says:


Leah Copeland says:

I the think the appeal is more for women. Who don’t always have big enough pockets or pockets at all in some clothes to carry our phones all of the time. I would love a pedometer that is sleek and cute (like a fit bit) but is compatible with S health. All of Samsung’s other wearables are so bulky.

Unfortunately the Charm isn’t being sold in the US yet 🙁 But i’ll take your off your hands if you don’t want it lol

Shree says:

Naughty-fications 😀

루매이스 says:

항상 좋은 리뷰잘보고 갑니다~

tHeKaTcAn says:

It’s a stylish pedometer that does not look like a pedometer. I like it.

정윤식 says:

요새 한국어판이 자꾸 늦는게 불만이네요.

예전에는 한국어가 먼저 혹은 비슷하게는 올라왔는데 요새는 차이가 심하게 나는게 의도한건지 궁금할 정도네요

JTechUHD says:

Hey underKG, I’m currently visiting in South Korea and I was wondering where you can get the Samsung Charm. I can’t seem to find it online and Scopick doesn’t ship to South Korea. Thanks.

Rtle Tu says:

잠깐 기대해봤는데… 쓸모없는걸 만들었네요. ㅋㅋ

김정우 says:

지금 쓰시는 폰이 뭔가요??

x81 Reaper says:

omg this video is so bad.

Jose Vu says:

what is the thing u wear on your right hand?

이홍주 says:

이거살려다 미밴드펄스를….

_Dominik_ says:

Does it need bluetooth connection with the phone to count steps?

Gary Lee says:

한국어판은 아직 안 올라왔나 보네요?

Kapitein Lulhaas says:

I’ve literally been searching the internet for 5,5 hours now for a activity tracker you can hang around your neck… they don’t make those?!

Matt Eveans says:

Heh I think the idea of it is to count your steps while running or walking, without the need to talk your phone with you. I take my dog for a 30 min walk each morning in the cold and have no need for my phone, but am aiming for a minimum amount of steps each day. I also work in an office where i walk around a lot and don’t take my phone with me. I also find that phones aren’t as accurate.

That said, it’s really ugly for a guy and I think i’ll be sticking with my EI-A900AN a bit longer…

EDIT – forgot to mention – thanks for the review 🙂

Jim Tzikis says:

nice review. do you know if it tracks the distance,pace,calories burned?

Sung-in Jang says:

Only if it could tell the time, it would be quite useful.

Cuber Brian says:

언더케이지님 지금 쓰니는 폰이 s4인가요?

루나 says:


mudoin Jeong says:

장난감 같아요

Genniveve Childress says:

Hahaha. Well I was going to get one because of the notably feminine design, but based on your review I probably won’t waste my time.

파인애플 says:


NDSnana says:

Is it waterproof?

giuliana says:


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