SOUFEEL VS. PANDORA ~ Full Disclosure !!!

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alracb says:

Freezing lovvvvveeee Soufeel!

Faith Walker says:

oh my God I just ordered from soulfeel and I was just wondering what the quality was thank you so much for this review

Shane Edmonds says:

Sooooo, you indicate @ 1:50 that the Pandora bracelet cost $65-70 for the bracelet and another $40 for the charms. That is about $110. At 3:00 you indicate that the Soufeel bracelet you got was worth $150…What am I missing? If the charms at Pandora are $40 each, I knew I walked out of that store and never went back for a reason. I am sure they come out of the same factory in ShenZhen…I have probably been there. Also, if you want the macro AF to focus on the bracelet, you need to get your face out of the shot. The software in the camera is designed to try to focus on faces, not bracelets.

Gem Talk says:

Typical YouTuber saying how much she loves The soufeel over pandora.. only reason is because they are paying her! Typical sellout like most youtubers no way is soufeel better than pandora I’m sorry pandora is way better in quality and overall design

AllonJay D. says:

Does the charms fit a pandora bracelet?

Mar Sea says:

Jewelry looks blurry

Donna Cole says:

I actually purchased a Soufeel charm bracelet with several charms for my granddaughter for Christmas and was very happy with my purchase, I also purchased a necklace with a pendant for my daughter which was very nice also. Of course I have no idea what will happen down the road with it but I can honestly say the bracelet alone has such a wonderful expensive shine to it I would never pay the price of Pandora after finding the Soufeel.

Sugakookie Tae says:

in the uk we dont have a soufeel

Anne Dobbs says:

I want a personalised photo charms for my Pandora bracelet am I right in thinking Pandora don’t do them but soufeel do personalised photo charms

单田芳 评书大全 says:

Yes, I agree, take a breath and slow down…

gomargo says:

why didn’t I get a box for my purchase ? I ordered the bracelet and 2 picture charms.

Sable Jimenez says:

how did you get it for free to try it out?

wafa nasty says:

10% sas10

E. B says:

Soulfeel is an awful company to deal with. I placed an order 2 weeks ago it’s still not here Christmas is in 2 days. They have no customer service to speak of an can only be reach on fb.

Edbar Dycin says:

i dunno why this came on my feed, but you need to calm the fuck down you are way to nervous

Stephen Lowrie says:

soufeel are cheap fakes

Cammy's vlog says:

The reason Pandora is so much is because they have stores as well as employees. SOULFEEL ships from a warehouse WAAAY LESS OVERHEAD COSTS than Pandora. I’m definitely going to buy SOULFEEL.

Elizabeth Schlichte says:

I’ve had my Soufeel for about a year and a half. No tarnishing and no changing my skin colors it is definitely .925 sterling silver, anf the quality is JUST as good as pandora. I saw someone else say there is a price range on the pandora beads so there is a range for everyone, but that doesn’t help if you want a pandora bead that is $100 does it?

yvette leuterio says:

Haha! That’s really cool!

louie campbella says:

Shipping with Soufeel is not now FREE! You have to spend $49 to get free shipping. They do have awesome outlet prices.

Rose Sympton says:
Clara Fares says:

I am wondering that if they sent it to you, have they sent you something of better quality!! I am unsure if the quality would be the same than if you had of purchased it yourself. Sometimes companies will give a reviewer a product better than what they actually sell which can lead to misrepresentation. This unfortunately could be marketing ploy.

hipretty says:

Great review! TFS!

Jackie Bao says:

their quality is no where near pandora but def worth the price, i guess you get what you pay for.

Tanya Shavelle says:

just got a link on FB for Soufeel. i wanna get a gift w/the pic inside of a charm. Wondering how big the photo charms are though. Hm…thanks so much for this. very helpful!

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