Tiffany & Co Charm Bracelet Haul/Review

My husband surprised me at work with a little charm bracelet!


archerpol says:

Your husband is great!

smajelovesmakeup says:

it’s great that your back hopeing for more videos

OfLoveAndVanity says:

i actually really like ur expensive hauls:) please keep doing them

Elisa Matteoli says:

I love them!
I have the silver bacelet with the “return to tiffany” heart , the medium one i think. Than i have the little bracelet with little silver beads and with a little “return to tiffany” heart lock. I also have a little “return to tiffany” heart charm that I use as a necklace

Taylar Blouin says:

@xxMyamxx same!

wildflowerirl says:

I have the same bracelet, but it’s from the Return to Tiffany Collection! It comes with the Return to Tiffany charm and I love it!!

KathleenP says:

That charm bracelet is gorgeous; great video!

I actually just uploaded a Tiffany & Co. collection video; you should check it out!

Bonnie T says:

I love Tiffany.Co, including the boxes! So cute! I will probably never have one, but it’s nice to see!

xxmyamxxBJD says:

Am I The ONLY One Who Just Wants The Boxes? Anyone?

Dani C says:

lucky girl

Sonners C says:

you lucky duck.

Mari Bella says:

jealous <3

angeldessert says:

enjoy your hauls so much! ^_^

hiphopblend says:

YOLO 2:25

xxmyamxxBJD says:

You HAVE To Be Rich To Buy Tiffany and Co. It’s SOO Exspencive!!

Jennifer Marie says:

Omg….. Expensive but beautiful 🙂


Charm bracelets are beautiful and if there are from Tiffany are even better and there are charms for everyone´s taste, like me, I have a rocker style and love Tiffany´s enormous chains, the keys and of course the new collection of locks

Adeena Guyton says:

you should totally do a haul video on juicy charm bracelet they’re super cute and affordable 🙂

Sophie Fern says:

omg, watched a few of your videos, and all the expensive hauls seem to be presents off your husband! Jealous much 😉

Kelly Sawa says:

awesome vid & i love Tiffany!

Bhav341 says:

I have a Pandora, and also my grandmother’s gold charm bracelet. It’s a 3/4 inch wide mesh style bracelet, and is full of gold charms from all over the world that my grandfather brought back from his travels. When I was a little girl I’d sit on her lap and we’d go thru all the charms, talking about each one. I have not added to it yet, especially with gold being so pricey – but I love it!

y kim says:

I got my engagement ring from Tiffany co. Love Tiffany co.

y kim says:

love tiffany&co!

Joyce L says:

i love your hauls! they are a little indulgence without spending. x) i do agree, you live once, why not just get everything you love being reasonable of course. (:

girl1296 says:

im not been rude, but all you seem to do is hauls of expensive things. like you havnt done a vid for a while, now you come back with lots of hauls :/ maybe do something else, or less expensive? im not in no way saying you dont deserve it, because im sure you work hard for the money you earn! but great videoo! :))) xx

Maggie East says:

My hubby just bought me a Tiffany estate collection! The entire paretti open heart link set! I am so happy! Granted it may be used, but…THE ENTIRE COLLECTION! The link bracelet, the link necklace, both with the heart link clasps, the matching earrings and ring AND one return to tiffany heart tag bracelet! I think I may do my own video soon!

SephoraJunkie says:

@girl1296 I’m planning on doing more affordable hauls/reviews soon. Is there a particular product you would like me to review? Thanks for the feedback!

wildflowerirl says:

Have the links ever opened up and have the charms come off? I would love to get one and if I wear it to school I’d be afraid the charms would fall off and somebody would take it.

agolden101 says:

I miss your videos!

Diana T says:

I was just wondering if it would be better to get the bracelet that you can stick the charms on or the one that you would have to saw the charms on. i hope this made sense xD

Criss498 says:

@bigTweeki if you are getting a real tiffany bracelet then the color doesn’t fade away, what happens is that the silver gets dirty per se, so you have to take it to get it polishes

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