4 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring!

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Marguerite Kinchen says:

Your Dad (Dave Ramsey for those of you who don’t know) says only spend 1 month if salary.

Mark Kuil says:

Women have this rule of 1-3 months of your income.
I have a new rule. The maximum size of diamond a guy should buy is 1carrot/100pounds. So if the chick is 120 pounds the maximum size she can get is 1.2carrots. This controls women become crazy and asking for like 2-3 carrot stones. Unless your a friggen elephant, women u aint getting anything near that size.

Jensen Martinez says:

2-3 months income before or after taxes?

Rodolfo Teles says:

Very good points. Thanks

Michael J Pfeifer says:

Guys, You are cheap! Listen to Rachel. The more you spend, the more love you get in return.

Colombian History X says:

Youngest old lady I’ve ever seen.

J name says:

What do you think of lab grown diamonds, I do think there is something to be said about saving up what you can afford but you can still do that with synthetic. Just been going back in forth on that. Dont know how to bring it up. I just feel like if my budget is 5k i could get more with lab grown and knowing its ethical .

chewybacca11 says:

I came here for advice and to educate myself…… and her advice was “educate yourself”
Shanks a million

Yeti says:

Even if you’re an idiot that wants to waste their money on overpriced rings, you still shouldn’t spend any more than 1 months salary
But for most people don’t go any higher than like 1 or 2 weeks worth

mari.casey says:

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margarita etournaud says:

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Susan Gartner says:

I think one month maximum.  If they are just starting out they should be saving for a house.

m&m says:

Diamond big scam. What it worthed is only in your own mind nobody cares

Doug Barlow says:

The thing is, if you know your stuff, then you know that diamonds are inherently worthless and it’s all a scam. Then you realize that even 1 months income is too much.

Bereitschaft says:

I love this girls voice

Moto2Sport says:

You can get a great ring for $200. Its funny how many people talk about how important love is. but the marriage/wedding industry tells you you’re cheap if you don’t through away thousands of dollars…Its almost like they are manipulating us or something hmmmm…

Alfredo R says:

Your daddy said 1 month salary. What’s wrong with this channel.

PaigeC says:

Remember guys, this is meant to last you your entire life diamonds are strong enough to last forever that is why they’re expensive, money comes and goes, don’t go broke obviously but don’t cheap out either get what you can afford 2-3 months is a lot 1.5-2 months is more reasonable

MEGATRON Moneybag says:

tips: dont do it man!

Itrustchels says:

2-3 months? Has your dad seen this video?

Macafee says:

I was hoping you would have had some insight as to what women really want as far as cut, clarity, and carat instead of telling me to search google and ask her…

SnowbordrWRX says:

2-3 months? that’s old school. Depends on what you make. For some that’s like putting a car on her finger… I’d rather buy her a car then!

and you just mentioned a couple other C’s… Cash… and character LOL

KidCity Lynnwood says:

2 to 3 months? I don’t think so!

Dunkaroos says:

Really nice to see a woman point out the craziness that some ladies have regarding ring expectations. I once had someone tell me that thing ring was an investment in her and should be appropriately sized, ie no less than 2 carats. Needless to say we moved on from each other; not because I felt 2’carats was too much, but as you said, it was an indicator of future problems to come

Stro Via says:

BS diamond culture, Moisenite is the way to go.

Secrete Jewelry says:

Love your commentary. Check out our blog https://secrete.com/blogs/news/custom-creating-a-modern-engagement-ring

Carloe Sahagun says:

Check out Dave Ramsey’s

Momanny4107 says:

Lol do you have a $10k ring?..

Ben Thor says:

Jesus, this is depressing.

Chachi Shapiro says:

Just a heads up; you and your significant other know best on her taste. DON’T GO BROKE!

That said, it’s not a bad idea to consider sustainability of the ring. My fiancé isn’t a fan of gold/yellow jewelry. While white gold is cheaper than platinum, I knew the white would wear off over 10-20 years and begin to have a yellow-ish look. So I decided to put some extra away for a platinum ring. No shame in wanting her to look at the same ring at age 60 the same way she did at 25.

Ben Thor says:

I assume I’ll just ask one of my girlfriends friends to let me know which ring she wants. Then, as a gentleman, sell my soul for half the price of the ring, while I begin my 60 year adventure as an indentured servant to our Debeers overlords.

LDNballer says:

Me and my girlfriend feel the same about diamonds, waste of money…but I feel like the social pressure is making me get something over priced because of a useless rock.

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