Diamond Shopping 101- Diamond Buying Guide on how to buy diamonds online.

This Diamond Experts two favorite places to find the best diamond deals.
James Allen: https://www.jamesallen.com/?a_aid=5a73fd85d5e0d
Blue Nile: https://goto.bluenile.com/c/1254539/504049/8660
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1. Set a budget:
First rule of this Diamond Buying Guide.  Lets get rid of the old rule of 2 months of salary.  No rule applies to everyone and their situation.   This is a symbol of love and commitment not going above your means.  With that said, its important to know your significant others expectations. Do they prefer dainty like this classic .96 engagement ring solitaire ring.  Or do they like more flair and dazzle like this 1.54 carat on a stunning Cambridge Halo Platinum Ring.  But learning you can adjust your search with small changes.  As a start get a baseline.  For example you know you want a 1 carat diamond engagement ring so start there.

2. Pick a shape
The beginning of your  search must be the diamond shape.  Each diamond shape has different search criteria such as clarity, symmetry and color that works best.   Each shape has different cost so searching multiple shapes at the same time will leave you frustrated.  For example  Take a look at this 1 carat SI 1 clarity H color Princess cut diamond for $3,340 vs   this Round 1 carat SI1 clarity H color Diamond for $4,610.  Each shape has there pros and cons.  Feel free to dive deeper in my Diamond Shapes Article for advice per specific shape.

Round is the most popular.  If they aren’t leaving hints of their favorite shape, take a look at their pintrest or maybe ask a best friend to be sure you pick the diamond shape of their dreams.

3. Learn the 4 C’s and Narrow your search: diamond buying advice
Once you have chosen the shape, its time to understand how the 4 C’s  (Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut) interact with it.  The 4 C’s represent the most important definitive characteristics of a diamond.  I always recommend to start with your goal in carat weight. So when you go to search a site like James Allen, you can specifically only choose to see 1 carat diamonds.   See below a sample of what the search sliders look like.
4. Choosing your engagement ring:
What I love about the different engagement ring options is it can help with the visual tremendously.  Lets say you were shy with reaching a certain carat goal.  A ring choice like a Halo, Vintage style, or 3 Stone ring will give it the extra size to appear much larger. So a .80 carat diamond on a beautiful Halo diamond engagement ring setting can be a stunner.

Diamond Buying Guide on how to buy diamonds online.- Again personal engagement ring preference of your significant other is important.  If you are unable to find any information, you can always go by whats popular.  Click on this link or banner to see an article from Blue Nile on their Top 20 Engagement Ring Styles.  This will give you a understanding on what engagement rings are popular.   You can also go to recently purchased rings from clients, filter the shape, price and style to see what others are doing and get inspired.  Click here to see some recent clients rings. Diamond expert advice for free, reach me at my site for any questions.


Anne Sisteron says:

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juice f5 says:

Osiris Saved me close to 3k on my engagement ring, my wife and i are grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation, Osiris made my dream come true and gave me piece of mind in terms of picking the right Diamond for my wife.

Fini Elnecave says:

Hi! Thank you for the very helpfull tips…
Question, a lab grown diamond, 1.62 carat
Excellent cut
Color D, VS 1 clarity
What’s your opinion??
Thank you

Fini Elnecave says:

Princess cut, forget it!!
Waiting for your comments

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