How To Buy An Engagement Ring Online, Offline & Custom + DO’s & DON’Ts + Diamond Shopping Mistakes

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Congrats! You just decided to propose. Now, you just have to buy the ring but that’s probably going to be one of the larger purchases you’ll make in your lifetime.


The first recorded use of an engagement ring was in the 15th century when then Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a then very rare diamond ring.

In the late 19th century, diamonds were found in South Africa and a cartel was created that is named DeBeers; they were very smart business men, had different marketing campaigns and used their influence to tell people especially in the US that an engagement can only be serious if a diamond was used and later on, a diamond that cost at least two monthly wages.

The problem about diamonds is there are lots of controversies. On the one hand, there is something called a “blood” diamond which means it comes from an area where the proceeds are used to finance wars.

Now on the flip side, there are lab created diamonds. As you know, diamonds are made up of graphite, just like your pencil for example. It’s just a different structure that flaunts under high pressure. Today, those can be created in the lab and the lab made diamonds are actually more pure meaning, they don’t have inclusions which separate them from naturally mined diamonds.

A diamond is certainly a symbol of materialism and if you get a stone that is too small, you can be considered to be too cheap. If it’s too big, it can be considered to be ostentatious and a show-off so getting it right is not that easy. My tip for you is, don’t worry so much about what other people say, worry about what your significant other would say and what you think is right. Get something you really like in terms of looks.

So how should you buy an engagement ring?
1. Set your budget.
2. Determine what you want to buy.
3. Learn the basics about precious stones.

Where to buy the ring?

Personally, I like to shop online and so do a lot of men and you can buy diamonds online. Now, it’s advisable to buy from trusted sources where you can return the stone and you should always bring your stone to an independent appraiser once you’ve received it. That just makes sure that you did not get a fake stone and it protects you and your investment.

The pros of buying online is that you’re in a no pressure sale situation. You can really see what you want to buy, you can compare and there is no pressure. The cons are, you can’t see the stone, you can’t see the sparkle, you have to trust the seller and while it may be less expensive to buy online, there’s a lot that can be done with Photoshop and what you see in the picture may not be what you end up getting in the mail.

If you buy a ring at the store, of course, you have the assistance of a sales person but at the end of the day, they will make some form of commission. Of course, you can see everything in person but they may have a smaller stone selection but you may be able to haggle a little bit so it comes down to your personal preference. I suggest to build a relationship with a jeweler that you can trust, read some reviews, and always, even when you buy from a local store, bring it to an independent appraiser and that’s not someone that was recommended to you by that store. Do your own independent research.

Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t buy on the first stop.
Don’t buy a ring with a preset stone.
Do act with a certain confidence.
Don’t settle on a price too early.
Do play hardball when it comes to bargaining.
Do learn common ways of how stones can be treated.
Don’t fall for the “Oh, see how it sparkles in the sunlight!” trick.
Don’t just rely on the certificate that comes with it.
Don’t think you have to buy something new.
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Deleted Profile says:

The size of stone doesn’t matter. You can pick rarer stones that show you have thought about what she feels important in her life. Women (often) get jealous about my choice for my Wife. She is Irish so I designed a ring myself based on the designs in the book of kells, made from 18ct gold and palladium (for longevity and weight saving) and married them with small but rare Demantoid Garnets from the Ural Mountains in Russia and natural fancy vivid Green Diamonds. Total weight 0.89cts. It is not done to discuss price.

Jamie McMillan says:

Buy second hand or antique- you’ll save a lot of money!

Kevin Ortiz says:

You mentioned your first ring was vintage and bought online, did you buy it the right size right away or was there need to get it resized and if so how?

nice Amigo says:

Buy Antique its often cheaper, if you on a budget.

Trystan- says:

Natürlich…wir Österreicher haben natürlich diesen Trend gestartet. Super.
(ich mag Silber und Saphire eh lieber)

Diana Park says:

Wonderful presentation!

Unquommon says:

If your significant other judges you by the size of your diamond you may want to reconsider marriage altogether.

Ravi Sankar says:

Hi I enjoyed & learned from lot of your videos. I have a video request: The Best Birthday gift or Top 10 Birthday gifts to give as a Gentleman.
Best Wishes for your future videos, ventures & buisnesses.
Thanks in advance.

Itamajano says:

Oh how I wish I could’ve found this channel some years ago.

dklyde says:

Before you squander your money on a diamond engagement ring watch Adam Ruins Everything, diamond video and have your lady friend watch it. If she still insists on a diamond engagement ring go to that park in Arkansas where you can find diamonds on the ground and have one cut polished and put in a setting. It will still be cheaper than the DeBeers monopoly inflated price.

Escobar Style1 says:

Great video sir! I needed this because I am on that level now with my gf. It is SO tough to find the perfect seller.

welshhibby says:

There’s no benefit to a man getting married, so don’t do it #MGTOW

Flip2Blues says:

Solid video. Some things I like to add for those who really will save for that diamond ring:

I think its best buying the stone and setting separate. You should be able to see the stone first and inspect it.Yes it may have all the specs but its best to see it up close and personal. Reputable websites have a time frame return policy, you can use that to see the stone.

A solitare round ideal (or super ideal) is wonderful. Round is best for maximum brilliance. I think the single diamond is representative and pave diamonds or smaller ct diamonds around the entire ring for me takes away from the special center stone. (except for a 3 stone piece). The tiny diamonds say in an infinity band are not special cut anyway. Stores like tiffany and cartier usually have small lights just above their collection to overemphasize the brilliance also, and are way too overpiced.

Knowing your partner’s ring size is beneficial. Once you determined that or have a fair idea; I say start looking at 1-1.5cts and see where you stand. Too big of a diamond is disproportional, same with too small of one.

You dont need a flawless and the whitest of diamonds (D,E,F). You can get away with a G H I. Even j K L there are some yellow hues, but for a high quality ideal round cut that maximizes brilliance, That yellow hue really brings out a firey brilliance. Also it’s very hard to tell the diffrence between say an F and an H just at a glance.

To save on price, vvs1 or 2 is already high end, but vs1 and vs2 you still cant see with the naked eye. If the miniscule speck inclusion is towards the circumference of the diamond it can be hidden with the crown of the setting you use for the diamond. I wouldnt go to an si1, the inclusions become more apparent and they start affecting the brilliance.

Lastly I agree with the platinum setting, it’s more robust, wont scratch or tarnish as easily as gold, and it is a harder metal.

LeonD Ben says:

What about some videos related to table manners or correspondence etiquette ?

Natasha Trujillo says:

Great tips!

J Shirls says:

have her buy it herself to see that she is not just a gold digger

Prince Winthorp Regis Babatumbai chaboka the III says:

its not about what she wants or she likes, because it’s not her spending the money, and if she doesn’t like what shes getting given and she wants to be a brat be ungrateful and judge my personal choice and make me feel bad regarding my choice to choose whatever type of stone or grade i want that fits within a budget i can afford, she obviously doesnt love me, and values products and materialistic things as a tool to show off against other woman over me and our relationship. so shes not worth a damn thing.

sourcescience says:

I have paused this to say that if you tell us that it should cost three months’ salary then I’m unsubscribing.

Leo Pard says:

Great videos. Quick question. Why is the background moving?

Rachael Edwards says:

My bf and I are discussing engagement ring shopping so I’ve been doing a lot of research.

First do research! There’s a lot of great YouTube videos from jewelers that explain the 4Cs but also other factors that can help you choose a quality diamond. You can have a GIA certified 3x excellent stone but it has poor proportions and so it’s not as good quality as you think. Jannpaul has a channel, it’s a store in Singapore that has knowledgeable videos. Highly recommend!

Another great tip is to find a jewelry store that sells at wholesale prices (Costco is just one, and happy jewelers in Fullerton California is another) The jewelry stores like kay, Robbins brothers, etc will sell you the lower quality stones at much higher prices, so avoid those stores. The stones I’ve seen online at the name brand stores have the clarity of I1 or S1 at extremely high prices, which is not worth their asking price.

Also for brilliant earth, there is a class action lawsuit being started because people are saying they can’t possibly know where the origin of their stones are. There was a video done on it and they’re suing the man who made the YouTube video. Basically they say they’re ethical so they can jack up the prices.

Victoria Lsaint says:

WTH! u hv money u can buy. But diamond is bigges scam trade.

SoloTravelBlog says:

Why the dislikes? People need to CHILL out over here

UrbanDanger ! says:

But how do I get engaged with another female human being?

fordrac1ng81 says:

Costco. Seriously.

alexandra silverstein says:

Every woman likes to say that their ring came from Tiffanys and Co because of the film, “breakfast at Tiffany’s”

AdoptABlackCat says:

Broke lazy men thumbs down this vid

mxt mxt says:

Actually there are natural diamonds that don’t have inclusions. They’re also very expensive.

Also I really wonder how can she tell if the diamond is artificial or not. She won’t know the difference.

There are also artificial emeralds.

mxt mxt says:

If you’re not middle class or are lower middle class or lower class a wedding band is going to be enough. It’s better to save money for the honey moon.

Emanuel Teixeira da Cunha says:

Seven consecutive videos about weddings ?
Come on, Raphael … You can do better.

Ambrose Joseph says:

Beautiful outfit.

Enter Username says:

How to buy an engagement ring? Don’t buy one!

nortonwhale says:

Excellent video! Premium advice

Joel Espinosa says:

Think about, the ring is literally only there to flex

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