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Jeremiah Banks says:

He’s lucky to have a beautiful lady like you

Stanley Oh says:

Hi! Appreciate the share as I was considering buying from them myself. How did the third time go? Did they really rebuilt the entire ring? 🙂

ShannShine23 says:

I’m a jeweler. Pave rings & halo style rings will constantly drop diamonds. This is the most popular style right now, but it’s also my most common repair I do in my shop. Additionally, rose gold is quite soft compared to white gold. Ideally the prongs on your ring would be white gold, with the shank & basket done in the rose gold. I see that the side diamonds are held in rose gold prongs…not the best idea, but it can be helped a bit with some tip work. You should be able to request James Allen to tip (add gold to) the prongs down the sides to add a bit more meat to them & make them stronger. The same may need to be done to the halo, as that’s the first spot to take a knock in a day to day situation. Hope this helps, your ring is very pretty!

Jeff High says:

The super light delicate look of the ring (which is the appeal for many people) is the problem. There is simply not enough metal to create the needed strength for the prongs to hold the gems in place. For every diamond there is a hole cut into the mounting to set the stone, so the very thin band has even more metal removed for the diamonds to set in. A heavier ring would probably give you better results.

madzz G says:

I’m looking to get a ring from them for my girl & I just wanna know if they’re worth the money? Like the quality of the ring & diamond, their customer service, shipping time, etc? The prongs on the one I’m looking at are white gold though which is stronger than rose gold (the band is rose gold). Please reply if you can & hope your problem is finally fixed! 🙂

Vintage Peppermint says:

Thank you for this video. Im happy someone has said some truths about james allen, hopefully now the will fix the one problem the 80% of their customers have. I have been looking at james allen for a year now and the diamond falling out problem is the one thing that is holding me back. They have a lot of reviews about diamonds falling out. Now they were bought by jared ew and now I’m not sure if i want anything from them.

chempanda says:

Ive read that for healthcare people it’s ideal to have a very low setting would be really good or even a bezel setting. I love how small/dainty yours is! I’ve been checking out JA for awhile, I haven’t heard of this issue much. I hope yours get fixed.

Matt says:

I just bought their lotus basket pave ring. Can’t wait for it to arise!!!

Ashlee boo says:

How is the ring now ? Did you get a new one?

Trucker Survivalist says:

Thank you so much for your video. I’m considering buying a ring for James Allen but I’ve been nervous buying from them. It’s been so helpful. Hope you don’t have any other problems with the ring.

mrpicky510 says:

I wonder how much of an issue this is with rings with halos/pave bands. It may be more of an issue that affects other makers beyond James Allen. I ordered a ring from them, but I got a verragio ring so they don’t actually build those ones, they are just an official retailer. Either way, you can’t beat their value on center stone prices. Retail stores are so much more expensive and have much less inventory. A prospective buyer can look at hundreds of potential diamonds under magnification and make a wise decision based on a variety of parameters. You’d never be able to do that at a retail store, nor would you feel comfortable asking to scrutinize their inventory like that. Because of the price advantage and the ability to select exactly what I wanted, I went with JA, I hope it ends up being a savvy decision

X C says:

You’re so cute and positive. I just bought the exact ring from them and really enjoyed you video. I have a friend who has a Tiffany diamond band and the small stones are falling a few times too. Anyway finger crossed for us and good luck with your upcoming wedding!

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