My Engagement Ring & Why I Hate Diamonds

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Emily Grimm says:

My engagement ring is jade. Was 10$ at a farmers market. Always get compliments on it and I love it!

singinwithceline says:

My grandparents got married in 1946 and my grandma’s rings were CZ and they’re beautiful

Menti Aier says:

It’s not unconventional ! The want for diamonds as a symbol of engagement were all man made! Also the value of a diamond drops down 50% once a customer buys it and walks out the door! Here’s a link and I bet everyone will rethink about buying diamond! Such a waste of money!

Chau says:

My fiance also proposed with a silver moonstone ring that was about 150bucks from a woman off Etsy who ethically sources & handcrafts the jewellery herself and I fucking love it. He saw me looking at it online because I generally like silver rings for every day jewellery. One day he handed me a brown envelope, ring inside and just said hey do you want to do this marriage thing with me haha. I never really liked diamonds because it never really fit my style, but even more so when I found out about the engagement ring lie and “diamonds are forever” marketing campaign by DeBeers. They are not rare at all! Scary that people subscribe to this idea without even realising. The other day one of his work colleagues asked him if he really getting married because he didn’t “properly propose with a diamond”. UM WHAT. A few people that we know of who are like “oh why didn’t he get her a diamond ring, I’m sure he can afford it?” WHYYY do you have to have a thousand dollar +++ ring to flash and say you love someone?! I remembered you had made a video on this topic and re-watched again. YOU ARE SO FUCKING RIGHT. Love ya vids and opinions Daisy!

Also we are Eloping haha.

Xicana Rose says:

So refreshing to hear this. Thank you so so so much. I’m so blessed to have found and to be having the child of my soulmate, but, I couldn’t help but feel really sad that I wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive ring or wedding. This video was such a bitch slap to the face. I once knew of what you’re talking about but I feel like I forgot a lot of this through time. Thank you for knocking some sense into me. You have made my night tonight.

Meg L says:

It’s pretty . I have an engagement ring but the center stone is cz , but my ring was still expensive . I want a sapphire instead. Diamonds are in control of the Debeers Market they have way more than you think they just haven’t released them into the market. That is the way they get you to spend tons of money on something that if released would be worth nothing. It’s really ridiculous how expensive they are when they are not rare

Meiji says:

While I must agree that diamond prices are unreasonable, I must also say that diamonds have been valued since the time of the ancient Romans, Greeks and Indians… and the first diamond engagement ring was made in 1477.

A Roman diamond ring, 3rd to 4th century A.D.

The first engagement ring, 1477.

Cas The Green Witch says:

My husband and I didn’t want a wedding. But I’m the youngest and he’s a only child. So our parents paid for it and was only around $500 and not very big. I feel like our love for enough other is more important then the money spent. But if I wanted a diamondd or a $20,000 wedding day we could have.

A. Salmon says:

All that matters is that it’s something you like. I never got one. Dont miss it, received other jewellery over the years, colored stones in necklaces, earrings and silver rings. I love every piece. Wear one or more everyday.

Amy Hurst says:

God, this was fantastic. I can’t pretend that I know as much about diamonds/engagement as you but I’ve always felt uncomfortable about the concept of both and this video, not only summed up my feelings but built on them, helped me understand better and educated me on why I feel this way. I’ve followed you since the ol’ tumblr days and as always your content is inspiring, entertaining and informed….and these videos keep me entertained when it’s a slow day at work. xx

Meiji says:

It’s stupid how some girls won’t marry their partners unless they get an expensive diamond ring… I mean seriously?… if I had a girlfriend and she said that I would leave her on the spot… if that’s the basis of your relationship then it’s bound to be crap.

Menti Aier says:

Btw! I love your attitude, perception and your overall personality !!

R.A. Mizer says:

You were only partially correct about the origin of engagement rings. Marriage used to be a contract of properties. A trinket or token of one’s wealth was customarily exchanged with the bride. It wasn’t always a ring. The idea of using a ring came later, but the exchange of wealth used to be the point of marriage. And, yes, it was mostly a man owning a woman. Nowadays, most people marry for love. The De Beers company was the one that marketed Diamonds as the best. Before that the stone of choice was a sapphire. Semi-precious stones were much more popular.

I think a lovely idea is to go to a diamond field or a small mine in the mountains and find a stone together that you then have cut and mounted in whatever metal you choose. You found the stone together so it lends a lot of meaning to the piece. My grandfather hand-chose the white zircon in my grandmother’s ring from a mine in Ceylon/Sri Lanka when he was establishing missionary contacts with people in India in preparation to go. White Zircon is actually more precious than diamonds, and it is just as hard and pretty as diamonds. It was ethically sourced and she never took it off. It was simple and it meant something to them. I personally had a very small diamond ring when we were engaged because we couldn’t afford more. I treasure it because it’s a symbol of where we were in life over ten years ago. The ceremony mattered much more to me than the ring, and since then he has purchased me many rings which I wear in turn, my favorite being a gorgeous Moissanite which is made in a lab and outshines a diamond any day and has TONS of character.

There are many who share your opinion on diamonds being worthless/ugly etc. I respect your opinion, but I also say to each his own. A symbol of love is never a bad thing to give when it’s given with a genuine heart and love. I gave him a ring also. It was an equal exchange. ^_^

ElleBelle ASMR says:

AYE! I am so glad I found this video and I love how flat out real you are. I agree with all you said and feel the same way exactly. I love wedding rings, but I don’t feel the need for a crazy ring. I don’t understand why I’d want my SO to buy something insanely expensive when we can go out and have a lovely travel. I’d rather put that money towards other things.

Racheal Wilkinson says:

I know this video is harsh, but god I love what you have to say ❤️
This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and you are so gorgeous

Che L says:

I love you

Marissa Boatwright says:

I hate jewelry and I don’t even want a wedding ring

keljesX3 says:

love your video <3 You mentioned BrilliantEarth, there was a journalist who did this pretty legit and in-depth investigation on BrilliantEarth. His findings showed that they don't have any credibility in terms of actually tracing their sources, along with lying about their sources. Just shows that the whole diamond thing is even worse than we thought it was. I personally work for a jewelry company(The owner of Prouds, but in New Zealand) so I KNOW HOW SHITTTTTY IT IS. But I do like the look of the diamonds, so I'm going for a moissanite instead! You've made me feel less guilty about my decision. Thank you 🙂

sßss sss says:

It looks no better than a hunk of glass. If you buy into social pressure telling you to spend thousands on a rock, that’s your tragedy.

BigAndLittleTravel says:

thank you for this! I felt guilty and unsure that i didnt want to spend thousands of dollars for a status symbol..but I do like a visual symbol of commintment. Anyways, just subscribed!!!

kittykat490 says:

I just subscribed recently and I’m binge watching a lot of your videos and FUCK YES!!! Everything you said in this video is so absolutely true! I don’t want to even get legally or religiously married, because i dont value marriage as a legal or religious concept and i dont give a fuck about government or religion and I don’t think they need to be involved to validate a relationship, but I really value marriage as simply a personal ritual of commitment and love, and someday I’d love to get “”married”” to someone in spirit and just have a nice party to symbolize and announce our commitment, and I’ve always HATED the whole diamond engagement ring thing as well. Everything you said about diamonds is true; they’re boring, worthless, and cruelly mined using the abuse and exploitation of others, which is ridiculous when they can be made in a lab and be literally THE EXACT SAME MATERIAL chemically and aesthetically as the ones gotten from mines… So I’d be willing to wear a ring as long as it was a mutual thing (both my partner and i had one) and if it were reasonably priced and made of a material that’s actually attractive and doesn’t represent cruelty and slavery. But the whole “the girl has to have a big expensive diamond engagement ring!!!” thing is bullshit.

floralendurance says:

i loveeee this. i totally agree. i dont even wear rings and i just told my partner that id prefer a personalized necklace.

Kap 54 says:

I have a diamond ring, and my mother wore it before me. So it has a value for me, not in money, but it’s like I carry my mom with me.

Heidi Cameron says:

Think you could go on a great honeymoon!!!!

Sahbi Rose says:

And you’ve made me feel much better about wanting a gem rather than a diamond. I’ve been stressing out about it a lot. Thank you!

NoDak Savage says:

isn’t the engagement ring just the wedding ring in advance, with an added band on it? Or is that a fairly new thing people do? We have decided to use Moissanite. Fuck diamonds

Darci Kjos says:

Hi Daisy! I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and your perspective on things always amazes me. As someone who lives in a very ‘traditional’ area where mainstream idea are taught from birth, it’s nice hearing an alternative way to think about things that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

M.Lenaxo says:

I love you! Lol

Bekiind B says:

Where was your ring purchased!!! I’m in love with it!

Sahbi Rose says:

You are seriously so fn gorgeous!!

Three Drops of Sunshine says:

That moonstone is beautiful!!!

Allison Lawson says:

I’d like an opal!

ER M says:

I love this! Amen!

Mr&Mrs McCabe says:

It brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one’s life. Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy, and travel at sea. It is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress.

Romina Daryabari says:

is that a baphomet necklace? wow people folowing her life are really stupid………….

Ashlyn Juliet says:

I know this is old but thank you for making this video. Everyone’s normal opinions on what an engagement ring has been stressing me out intensely. I’m planning on proposing to my partner, and none of the average diamond princess looking rings seem to fit who we are at all. But all the unique and quirky looking jewelry that would fit us is “cheaper”. So I’ve been going between spending a ton of money on something that doesn’t fit our relationship or our love, just because it’s more expensive and “normal”, or spend lesser money on something beautiful yet completely unique and fitting. I’m so glad I found someone who has similar views on this situation!

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