My Tiffany engagement ring


Dr. Risa Francis says:

Thank you 🙂

Michael Tadros says:

wow. I’m looking at diamonds, and I’ve got to say your diamond is the most sparking I’ve ever seen! I’d love to know details from the report (such as table/depth percent, and crown/pavilion angle) to use as a model.

ratrat mansi says:

price plz ?

Thang Nguyen says:

it s lovely. Do you mind letting me know what size of ring finger are you?

Andreina200 says:

What a beautiful ring! Could you tell us about the clarity?

Giovanni M. says:

Too much money wasted.

hawaomar100 says:

I love this classic tiffiany style! congrats and best of luck!

Woodly Elan says:

watch my ring video

Yvonne L says:

People say buying Tiffany is just buying a name but there’s something so beautiful and sparkly and special about Tiffany rings that no other brand has.

Effie Liu says:

Hi do you mind telling me the cost of this ring? We are thinking about getting one.

Amanda Sevilla says:

Your ring is stunning! Very beautiful!

J Sung says:


Dr. Risa Francis says:

I’m size 3.75

Dr. Risa Francis says:

Its 0.83 ct

MiracleTime says:

Beautiful ring! What are the specs on your ring? Clarity, and colour? Its .83 carats?

William So says:

That’s beautiful!  Thank you for sharing.  I was wondering what the diameter in mm is for the 0.83ct diamond?   

Reika says:

im curious how much did you pay for your ring?

ProudKansan08 says:

It’s lovely. Lucky girl!

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