Hey friends! So part of my #minimalismjourney is to downsize on excess and I know this may not be a popular opinion but personally I feel like my diamond engagement ring is excessive. There are so many affordable options out there. www.lajerrio.com is a great source to find beautiful ring sets for a fraction of the course. So if you are like me and want a beautiful ring but could care less if it is a real diamond then check out their site! Also great for promise rings or “first” rings before you can afford a real diamond.

Lajerrio sent me this ring to review. All opinions are my own.


Rylee Faust says:

I think you should do whatever makes sense for you and your family/finances. My husband and I made these decisions on the forefront, we set a price limit before he bought an engagement ring and I am so glad we did. My mom told me that when she got engaged and married, a man was expected to spend half of three months pay which is an absurd amount to me. Neither of us wanted fancy wedding bands, we each have plain white gold bands that cost less than $200 combined. In the future if we met all of our financial goals, I would consider adding a fancier band to my engagement ring but there’s many days that I only wear my wedding band because of our lifestyle. My husband can’t wear any type of rings at work (not even silicone) so it would have been a big waste of money to buy him an expensive wedding ring just to wear it on the weekends

FieldOfPansies says:

I never actually had a “real” wedding or engagement ring. She proposed with a ring pop at a carnival lol and we later got matching 50$ opal rings. I do sometimes wish I could have gotten a big fancy ring but then I’m reminded that those rings could pay for a lot of my student debts lol

Ruby Estrada says:

Could you do a update video on your keto journey. The ring is beautiful I love it. I think I could part ways with my ring just not a little cheap necklace hubby gave me our first year as bf and gf

Jessica Rock says:

I have been considering the same thing! I fully support your decision. It’s just an object and doesn’t represent the love and commitment you and your husband have for each other. I actually stopped wearing my wedding ring set a few years ago and just wear a band. I think it’s wonderful as long as you are 100% on board with selling it.

Mellsy says:

I am definitely in that camp that thinks you’ll regret this one day. Idk, I’m all for minimizing your life and your things but I just couldn’t imagine getting rid of the ring my husband used to propose to me. Ugh. It makes me cry to think of it.

DFNoeloni says:

This almost feels like an investment with your money as opposed to a or part of a minimalism journey. At least from what I see in this video, I see paperweights and inspirational quotes in your background that to me would serve no purpose but have no value in selling as opposed to your wedding ring. Is this journey about selling the ring to invest in your future or is this about cutting down your household items? You talk about selling this ring with very emotional reactions (understandably) but then you bought another one with an engraving which also hold emotional significance. So physically it’s a replacement of the item, which for now you still have. It’s not any of my business to know the answer, I mean this as rhetorical: have you gone to counselling for your coping mechanisms? If not, there are tools out there they can offer as a replacement to shopping. Just my two cents, I am extremely grateful for the counselling I got and the tools it instilled me with. I wish you luck on whatever the journey is and becomes.

Jordan Nicole says:

I fully don’t believe sentiment should last in physical objects at all. Your love is in your hearts. The new ring is beautiful. I looked at the rings on the site and giggled because my rings were about the same price. We had so much medical and personal debt, I refused to let my husband spend very much. I haven’t regretted my cheap ring for a second!

Channel Family Video says:

Love your authentic videos! God bless!

Laiken Jordan says:

I think you do whatever you want to do because its yours. I personally couldnt unless I had to but it was his mothers ring. So from personal experience watching my mother try to sell her own VERY expensive jewelry she had a very hard time getting what it was appraised for but best of luck to you and I hope it helps you reach your bigger lifegoals<3

Ali Bentz says:

So if it’s CZ the stone will eventually get beat up. Not a problem, but just be careful because they scratch and eventually become rounded.
My dad bought my mom a ring 5 years ago with a cz center and it is now completely rounded and not shiny. She still loves it, but it’s just a reminder.
I would recommend at least a sapphire for every day use.
But I’m rough with my hands!
Want husband and got me a white sapphire ring with yellow gold. (I can’t wear sterling sliver.) total cost $165!

Emilie Larson says:

Ahhh retail therapy, I know it well. I had to sell my jewelry, not that I had much, out of necessity years ago and i do not miss it at all. I have a few of my grandmothers pieces and of course I kept those.

Team Schroeder says:

Girl, you are going to get like nothing for the other ring. It’s not worth it. Look on line. You will loose your butt.

Amy Menjivar says:

I think you should wait 6 months or a year to be sure before selling it…some time after you can physically remove it. Will the money you get from selling it put you that much closer to your financial goals/is it really worth it to sell it?

Meryn Minnett says:

I can totally see where you are coming from. I think it’s great that you realise your marriage and love for each other isn’t contained in the ring. And I think it’s great that you are willing to let go of an earthly thing. It can be easy to put so much value and importance in earthly things, when instead we should be putting value into eternal things.

I slightly don’t get though how replacing it with new fancy looking rings helps with the minimalism. I get that they aren’t as expensive. Just a little confused 🙂 thanks for sharing!

S H says:

I’m all for it because I did this! It’s not crazy and nobody would ever know my ring is CZ and from QVC. My marriage isn’t in the ring it’s in the relationship. The ring is a simple token it’s not going to define my marriage.

Emilie Larson says:

Oh, and I saw on trick once on YouTube on how to wrap a string around your finger to get a ring off.

UnePetiteAmie says:

I would never sell my wedding rings but I totally understand and respect your decision.

Tejada Legacy says:

I think it’s beautiful that you are going to sell your ring ❤️ you are selling it and thinking about your marriage goals ❤️

Alysha Huot says:

I love this so much!! God has been leading me on such a similar journey and it’s so encouraging to see other christians being convicted in this. Don’t be worried at all about regrets if this is what Jesus is leading you to do!

AliciaStyleAndGrace says:

I love this idea!! The new ring is beautiful! We are sold this idea that we have to spend thousands of dollars on a ring, and we accept it as normal… but it’s crazy if we really stop and think about it. Why would we spend so much on a ring? There are beautiful rings that will still last long and don’t cost a fortune. My only requirement in a ring would be that I could have it for many years and it didn’t turn my finger green. Lol. Silver rings are a good option or 14k gold with cubic zirconia. Or something like an opal for the stone. I’ve always loved opal! Or even turquoise! I love different crystals and don’t need to have a conventional engagement ring, I’m single but I would rather spend the money towards a home than a ring, in the future. Also, I am working on being more minimalist too and your journey is inspiring! Very similar to mine. From shopaholic to minimalist! 🙂

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