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Emerald cut, art deco, solitaire, princess cut, halo—engagement rings are as unique as the brides who wear them. Follow along as we recap a century’s worth of engagement-ring styles. Rings provided by: pshemonsky.com ★ Ring descriptions below.

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The round solitaire diamond ring has always maintained the number one position in terms of popularity over the past 100 years. What changes is how each era chooses to showcase the stone.

With each era come changes that are reflected in the alternative options in the shape of the diamonds as well as the mountings.

★ 1890-1900- Classic solitaire diamond ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring –Round old European-cut diamond set into a six prong mounting, 14k yellow gold

★ 1900-1920’s- The lacy white on white look becomes the benchmark of the period in fashion and in the style of jewelry of the Edwardian period.

Diamond and Platinum Ring – Round old European-cut diamond set into a pierced openwork mounting highlighted by round diamonds with mill-grain detail.

★ 1920-1930’s – The streamlined geometry of the Art Deco period becomes reflected in the style of the mountings of the era

★ Round early modern brilliant-cut diamond set into a platinum mounting highlighted by round diamonds in a pierced openwork mounting.

★ 1930-1940’s – The introduction of white gold in the late 1920’s becomes the popular metal of the period along with the “filigree” mounting which heralds back to the Edwardian period

Round old European-cut diamond, 18kt white gold “filigree” mounting

★1940’s – The 1940’s saw a shift to the use of yellow and rose gold with an increase in the scale of the jewelry.

Round old European-cut diamond, 14k yellow gold wirework mounting

★ 1945 – “War Bride Ring” the ring that every service man gave their fiancée due to the rationing of precious metals during the war years.

Round brilliant-cut diamond set in 14k white and yellow gold.

★ 1950-1960’s – The post war era once again looked back to better times with white gold and platinum becoming the preferred metal The round solitaire continues to as the stone of choice with the addition of round side stones set into the shoulders of the ring.

Round brilliant-cut diamond flanked by trios of round diamonds set in 14k white gold

★ 1960-1970 – The 1960’s saw an increased interest in fancy shaped diamonds, emerald-cut, pear, marquise and heart shaped diamonds with platinum becoming the preferred metal of choice

Emerald-cut diamond set in platinum

★ 1970-1980 – The period was all about the “gold” set with round or fancy shaped diamonds with channel set mountings with accompanying wedding bands

Marquise shaped diamond set in yellow gold with channel set round brilliant-cut diamonds with matching wedding band

★ 1980-1990 – The solitaire reigns supreme set in the classic manner with baguettes on each side.

Round brilliant-cut diamond flanked by rectangular baguettes mounted in platinum

★ 1990-2000 – The “Radiant-cut” becomes the preferred fancy shaped diamond of the period typically set with triangular side stones

Radiant-cut diamond flanked by triangular shaped diamonds mounted in 18k white gold

★ 2000-2010 – The “Princess-cut” becomes the preferred fancy shaped diamond of the period

Princess-cut diamond highlighted by round brilliant-cut diamonds set into the ring band, platinum and white gold.

★ 2010-2015 – The “Halo” mounting becomes the preferred engagement mounting with an increased demand for fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy yellow rectangular cushion cut diamond set into a platinum “Halo “ mounting highlighted by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

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Ariels Vlogs says:

I liked the first one it was nice and casual and it didn’t look that expensive I

Zayna Navarro says:

70s is my fav

Kiran Singh says:

My favorite is 1910 ring……. it is simple and beautiful

Tiffany Cooper says:

1920’s is where it’s at. Art Deco looks like something Vanna K would make.

chris Ruby says:

2016 cake is horrible

Tiffany Ebner says:

What if y’all went way back my great grandmother’s ring is kinda like the first one but with more mini diamonds surrounding the mane diamond

minnie eyre says:

the 1910’s and 20’s style were the best. The 1910’s was simplistic, yet beautiful, and the 20’s was just glamorous, it was a show stopper, not just a hunk of diamonds. The metal work was beautiful, it was amazing in the craftsmanship, not the cost of the diamond.

Genesis Artiles says:


Amandy Cardoza says:

I got a freaking engagement ring as before this video started. And it was over 4:00 min. Thank god there was a “skip ad” button tho.

Gigi Earnest-Stippich says:

I want someone to look at me like a materialistic snob with lots of money would look at these rings

Zephyx says:

Will this fuck up my gaming reccomendations

Msmaaraaa YT says:

20’s !!

kaangelstar10 says:

20s and 80s were my favorites 🙂

Pete Delrio says:

I like the early 1900s styles. they were elegant, and classy. well proportioned not too much not too little.

Circe Naomi says:

whats the song of minute 1:06

Mary M. says:

1910 ,1970

Andrea Valdez says:

I’m in love with the 20s style

silvia6927 says:

What’s the name of the song that starts in the minute 1:05

Jeff The Killer says:

what is the song on 1960s?

Lorraine Baines says:

50 s

Sydney .G says:

where them tiffanys

Kindryte says:

My favs were 1920 and 1990

Bertie Sipes says:

I like how this shows the design differences between the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s… helps me date early vintage rings. 60s or later, the style is pretty obvious, though the 80s ring is surprisingly tasteful.

Amy Barnett says:

I like 1920’s

NutellaLover 1720 says:

The most popular wedding ring is the ring pop. Its affordable and edible. A girl’s two favorite combinations.

just a random egg says:

I wonder how much those rings in the past cost today?

Catalina Isabel Jones says:

I’m defa 1910 and 1960 style classic and simple

Fefy's Here! says:

20’s OMG!

rachelmm05 says:

the ring from the early 2000s is my engagement ring(we got married in 2001) but band is gold not platinum… my hubby made a very nice engagement ring choice☺

Maya Riley says:

1910 :))))))

Destiny Pugh says:

I was waiting for the hand model to have holo nails.

The Queen says:

Love 1920s & 1950s

Nicolas German says:

I liked the 1910s/60s the rest are too bulky

Ariel Trent says:

1980 ❤️

mnmb3640 says:


Natalia Akhlaghi says:

I love the 50’s! I also love the 80’s!

Dakota Wells says:

I liked 20’s style

Tristan van Oosten says:

My favourite is the 1910 ring: nothing flashy about it. Just a simple ring.. When my fiancée and I got engaged we just took simple silver rings with brilliants (the brilliants are only in her ring) and a simple wave pattern They are just honest rings of an honest design. It could be just the Calvinist Dutchman in me but I think flashy rings are ugly, they don’t really symbolise the strength of a relationship, it’s just bling and no substance.

KelliTovar Vlogz says:

Our years are the shitiest years

Jennie Vander Linden says:

I love All of them my favorite One is the 1970 one like and relpy if you like the 1970

silvia6927 says:

como se llama la canción que suena en el minuto 1:05

Deborah Watkins says:

1950s I like the ring holder. And also I love your channel!

Soma says:

1975 ist der coolste

Ulker Ahmedova says:

i think all of them are modern rings or maybe i am a fogy ☺

Rozeena Humji says:

i love 60’s nd 90’s style

Jessica HR says:

The first one was so pretty

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