$4,999 Diamond Earring Jewelry Reveal from 3-8-1 Candles!

Update 8/25/13: So, yeah, I made a jackass of myself in this video. Turns out these earrings AREN’T as advertised by the company. Took them to a jeweler and the verbal appraisal is $725. Yes, great, I have $725 earrings that I didn’t have before, however, the promotion that was pushed on everyone stated $5000 earrings were up for grabs… so I purchased 5 Jewelry Tarts… nearly $250 shipped! The GAL card states G-H color, when they are actually J-K in color, according to the jeweler. He showed me a pair of G-H earrings he has and when mine was next to his, you can see just how yellow they really are. You can learn more about Diamond Color here:
I haven’t said anything until now, because I wanted to believe the owner of the company was ripped off… but, it turns out, she knows what she’s getting and knows 1/2 carat total weight earrings will never be near $4999. She pushes the pieces with their highly inflated “retail values” to make sales. There are so many pieces that are just horrible in manufacturing techniques and the stones are bottom of the barrel. The majority of anything received with diamonds in it look like a piece of cotton, they are so white and cloudy and cracked. Loved the scents at this company, won’t ever buy them again because the business ethics are non-existant and customer service skills are a 1 on a scale of 1 – 10 (If you order and it takes well over a month to get your item(s) and no one will respond to your multiple emails… you’ll see.). The price is way too high… now that she’s reduced the minimum value of jewelry pieces from $45 back down to $39.99 (as of Aug. 1, 2013), took away the wooden lids and is now putting in FAKE gemstones. The recent pieces, in the regular candles… not the new On the Go candles that have all FAKE jewelry… there are fake stones being posted. Very disappointing this company went backwards like this. I’ll spend my money on another company with stronger scents and real jewelry with real gemstones! Want to know who that is… send me a message or simply watch my most recent video reveals! I also want to apologize to anyone who bought from this company based on my reviews and had a bad experience. I’m sorry. I was blinded for 10 months, but my eyes are open now!

I won the Diamond Earrings Promotional Piece from 3-8-1 Candles and this is the reveal as I figure out what’s in my Dreams Come True tart! I’m sorry, in advance, for being a big cry baby, stuttering and being very emotional. This is a huge win for me and I was just so excited! You need to check out this company… the scents are amazing… Fruit Slices and Hope are my absolute favorites! Great throw, nice jewelry and amazing promotional pieces! Links below!

You can buy 3-8-1 Candles here: http://381Candles.com
You can visit their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/381Candles
You can visit my Facebook page here… it’s a swap/sell group for all products made by 3-8-1 Candles… we have NO affiliation with the company and are simply fans selling or swapping items that don’t fit or don’t fit our style or scent preferences: https://www.facebook.com/381CandlesJewelrySwap


Anime Suc says:

that kid man he’ll just loose the 4,999$ ear rings

Pikasaur Charsquirtle says:


Ragen Jefferson says:

This video was awesome!! Your son is too cute!! So happy for you!

Sandi K says:

You are SO adorable, regardless of the unfortunate outcome of your purchase. I’m so sorry you’ve been victimized. You seem like a kind, gentle person who doesn’t deserve such treatment. I haven’t read the comments yet… hope they’re not negative. I’m looking at the thumbs down votes and can’t believe anyone would think negatively about what they saw here. Anyway, I do want to see/hear what jewelry candle businesses you’re happy with. I just went to buy yet another from Candles and Scents on Amazon and see that they’ve reduced their inventory to just a vanilla candle when they had at least 20! I’ve been very happy with them so far, but it looks like they’re going bye-bye. Anyway, thanks for the video… I’ll check out some more of yours. Cute kid, too!

Aliyah McLean says:

your mean to your granson

Sarah G. says:

lol came from Karina Garcia video even tho there gonna b a comment on how no one cares…

latosha mbayi says:

The whole time I was paying attention to the boy. He’s just like my son! My son is here and there every were loll he’s adorable. I couldn’t see the earrings, they were to small. I really need new glasses!

carly james says:

Karina Garcia didn’t bring me here ( whoever she might be )

Keians Tourette's says:

Still cool you got the 725 dollar earrings even if the company that produced it has a horrible practice and went from quality to wanting to make a quick buck

Princess Ashley says:

Did you still keep them?

Josie Chivers says:

her son is so cute

Proud Cree Woman says:

congratulations. ❤❤

Lisa Gallo says:

she is adorable

Vlrissolo says:

I never saw you before, but I thought the video with you and your son, and the (hopeful) big win, was one of the sweetest video’s I’ve ever seen on here. I was pulling SO hard for you guys….when I saw the size and price, I knew they had inflated the true value and my heart sunk….regardless, they will look lovely on you!

kinidi metoyer says:

The little kid is hislarious

Brittanii Starzz says:

Oh my goodness ur boy is just such a sweeet little heart!! Lol he says I love the ladies….Momma u gonna have to keep ur eyes on him when he gets older cuz he gonna be a ladies man!!!

Jade Stone says:

Well my thing is this—-they’re JUST earrings….I didn’t really see a need to be so hyped up about them in the first place.

DT Rom says:

poor Jay lol… he’s like damn mama I’m happy cause I know you’re happy.


Cos I like ladies. Duh. Lol

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