A Gemstone Found Worldwide

On this week’s unboxing, Natalie discusses a gemstone that can be found all over the world! Watch as she explains all of the unique characteristics and earthy features of this beautiful Azurmalachite.

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Grape Chalcedony Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAbycwLyt_A
Sodalite Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8Nb3FbR3A

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Shining Star says:

12:34 *eye twitches* I wrote you, over a hundred puns with description and examples. And you want more!?

Pietro Pedone says:

11:05 did you say “of quartz”? 😀

KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon says:

I’m here before the Twitch doctor who marathon.

TomatoNut says:

wow so cool

Sudhanva Sapre says:

On my study table. I’d love to watch the colour of this gem to relax. You’re right, one cannot take one’s eyes off this gemstone

NAK says:

The reason Azurite and Malachite are so commonly associated together is because there Polymorphs meaning they’re minerals with the exact same elements in their chemical composition. Azurite and Malachite are both Copper Carbonate Hydroxides. Another example is that Spodumene, Petalite, and Eucryptite are all Lithium Aluminum Silicates.

Elise Pauwels says:

Why didn’t you talk about how azurite can oxidize into malachite?

Shelby Tyche says:

If possible or if it’s something you think would fit on the channel you should do a video on wire wrapped jewelry <3



Heybrine says:

AZUL means blue in portuguese too

TotallyMature says:

I love this channel so much. She’s definitely really knowledgable and a great gemologist but she’s so humble and always willing to learn more, and never defensive when she doesn’t know something. This is just like.. a calm place where things are OK.

Sara Angel says:

12:19, if it wasn’t for the quartz, you might as well tell me that that is a microscopy photograph and I would believe it 100%

Alexander Zangal says:

Please make a video on alexandrite Or blue amber Or Maybe calcopyrite

DarkSheik says:

That would make beautiful earrings too.

Lucyna Kaszubo says:


fishdanger says:

Your so amazing it’s awesome how much you know about gems

Cheryl Ellison says:

I love these incredibly colorful rocks! You said something about pockets of these rocks being in unusual places. I have heard that the continents fit together and were once one land mass. Would these pockets fit together if the land masses were together? You never know. It makes me think. Thank you for showing and explaining all of these wonderful specimens in the beautiful earth world.

But Why though says:


Cluster Universe says:

“Are blue gems blue?”

Quinn Sterd says:

Notifications squad love your videos 😀

Alex Mansour says:

Azurmalachite is one of my favorite stones! I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry with it, my favorite being a recent bracelet. It’s a stone with endless possibility when cut and polished, no two are exactly alike. The stripes and swirls of each mineral create stunning patterns of shades of blues and greens.

I’d post links but don’t want my comment flagged. My Instagram is SourmanAlex, and the Azurmalachite I’ve worked with are the 11th, 24th, and 61st most recent posts.

Ingrid Helgerson says:

I have a chunk of this at my house. I love the colors. I used to think it was lapis lazuli but I found out that a big chunk of lapis would be way more expensive than I could afford.

Choochoo Production says:

Do an aquamarine vid it is my berth stone it is March

Sudhanva Sapre says:

So, in Botryoidal structures, do the atomic placements of the minerals change too? This is fascinating.

Chains_of_Grell says:

It’s as blue as her glasses.

Juilienne says:

Please make a video going into detail about gemmology identification tests!

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