A wow ring!

If you want to know how does Ring look now after 2 years then click this link –


GracieGirl7 says:

Hello! I enjoy gemstones very much. I should make a few vids about them.. I have a few.. Nice channel you have.

nawal osman says:

Has it tarnished or lost stones?

Sandra Fugget says:

Did you buy this online?

The B Family says:

It is so beautiful !!! Thank you for the review

metroboy11 says:

check out my unboxing of my engagement ring! It just came in.

Angel Nguyen says:

Since you’ve had this for more than a year now, did it ever tarnish? I love this ring on you 🙂

Mason Colbert says:

I’m so happy i got my ring in yesterday , It’s beautiful! I got a lot of stares and some eye rolls. It sparkles so much just like my mothers diamond ring , It looks a lot like a real diamond i also looked at the Tiffany ring like you said in you’re video. It looks so much like it , Almost a replica only makes me more happy due to the price! 🙂

Lupita Castillo says:

How is it holding up?
Would you possibly do a follow up video to show how it looks after this long?

Aniya XO says:

May I request for reviews on rings from TigerGemStones rings

Mason Colbert says:

Oh wow i just ordered this ring , As a replacement for my ring. Because mine came from my mother and i was worried about something happening to it. I was hoping the ring would have sparkle and look good. I’m glad now that i see i won’t regret buying it , My worry was it would look cheap lol Glad i was wrong!

Erica Gaither says:

Hi, how is the ring holding up now?? That it’s been over a year??

magildeny says:

is this one sterling silver?  thanks

Jessica Love says:

So many of you are asking me how does this ring look like after 2 years. Please go to this link and have a look – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9I8VE1c5gc

Angela Cottingham says:

Omg! I am so happy I stumbled across your channel! I just ordered mine today! Thanks for sharing!

magildeny says:

what is the item #  ?

Morgan Simmons says:

Sorry but it won’t look like that forever. CZ is such low quality, it loses its luster and completely dulls in a short period of time.

magildeny says:

what is it called exactly?  what do i type in on walmart.com?  thanks

livingthelifewithjazzy says:

Does it stain your finger green if wet or worn for a long period of time?

Jessica Love says:

+magildeny Just type in Walmart “CZ Sterling Silver Halo Engagement Ring”, you will find so many option. Product number is 552304358 in Walmart. I hope it helps.

Cindeezy says:

gorgeous <3

maritza ornelas says:

Does it make your finger go green >?

Dora Hernandez says:

Do you have an update on what it looks like today?

Stephanie Reynolds says:

I noticed your ring looks blue? The one I’m ordering, doesn’t… I like the blue.

Desiree Chico says:

How’s the ring looking today ?? Still sparkling?

Valentina V says:

incredible ring!!! really wow))

monikas life says:

OMG stunning ring ! I was wondering do you know how i can get this exact ring in UK ? as walmart doesnt ship to UK 🙁

Tatiana Auguste says:

+Jessica love thank you so much for the review; I was a bit skeptical but your video helped a lot with my decision. it looks like we wear about the same ring size. What size did you order?
I read a lot of reviews saying to get a smaller size


that ring is beautiful!! I think you got a real one by accident. 😀

Jessica Love says:

@Angel Mae – The ring is exactly like the first day. I just wash it some times.

MzOrtiz614 says:

I just ordered that ring. I’m hoping it’s as beautiful as yours.

Jessica films says:

ahh! that’s pretty

Jessica Love says:

@maritza ornelas – Absolutely No, my ring and my fingers are fine. Any ring become green only when you are allergic to certain metal it happens. Chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal of the ring crates this green. you better go for pure Gold rings.

popinfresh says:

That’s a beautiful ring. I got a really sparkly cushion cut halo ring that was also CZ but after wearing it and washing my hands with it on, the cuz got all cloudy. I think because the soap and lotion residues gets stuck under the stone. How’s yours holding up?

magildeny says:

is that the clear stone or a blue stone? sooo pretty! what did your cousin say? did you put it next to the Tiffany ring?

Lizzy Love says:

Very Beautiful ring –

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