ALL ABOUT MY TOOTH GEM | the process, costs, pain, etc

heres everything you need to know about my tooth gem! i cover the process, the costs, where i got it and more!

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Carmen O says:

because i’ve worked in a nail salon and used gel polish with UV lights, the word for cementing the gem to your tooth would be “curing” the gel 🙂 just wanted to let you know! i think the gem is super cute on you

Mariah Harmon says:

I can do that at home wth

Trebbih Inc. says:

Love it!

Mary Catalina says:

Does anyone know where to get one in North Carolina in the sand hill region , I deadass can’t find one anywhere .

Jemima a says:

Looks like a cavity idk it’s cool at the same time tho

Candy Crush says:

your hair omg i love

Karina Orta says:

What brand of nail polish are you wearing? I loooooove it

Tia Dove says:

I’ve been wanting a tooth gem on each of my canines for years! I live in a very small town though, so there definitely isn’t any near me. I’m planning on getting in done once I’m in California!

leighann m says:

aaahhhh I really want one

Melissa Ramos says:

I would totally get this in future when my teeth are actually straight LOL

Sem Ir says:

What size Do you have , 2 mm??

Julie Delafontaine says:

I litterally just dyed my hair dark brown because of you

thea zzz says:

I’ve been wanting one for the longest time too, but where I live there’s no place to be done 🙁

The Almighty Average says:

Did she cut her hair again?

Christina Yiu says:

tooth gems are so cute idk if i would get one tho

GATO y MOI says:

i want to get a gold star it looks so cute

Adrianna Dragon says:

If someone says they don’t like it just say “then close your eyes damn”. That’s what I say when people don’t like my tatts haha

bri baires says:

awe ur so cute

Natalia The rodent says:

Emily is so cute wtf

Gabby Chin says:

ur hair looks so healthy and bouncy wow

Han White says:

they are so cute wow

Maddison Gibbs says:

Your skin is actually sensational and glowing ! Screw my acne genetics

Madison More says:

This is actually pretty cool, and pretty cheap, considering.

Britt Lyons says:

It looks awesome! But if you get a teeth cleaning can it be ripped out of your tooth? I’d be so scared to get my teeth cleaned after getting it done!

The Bread Lord says:

loved the video! maybe do an update? it’s very helpful for those who are considering it :))

Antoinette says:

its like 30 dollars in aussie

Jin is a Banana says:

Got mad cause an ad came up..but it was bts so I forgive you.

SoapMonkeeyy says:

Girl needs to learn how to say Swarovski

jade says:

where’s ur top from? it’s so cute (:

everchanging.ocean says:

Before watching this video I thought tooth gems weren’t worth the money because they could trap plaque and cause worse problems for you down the road, however after hearing that tooth gems aren’t permanent and have a similar adhesive to braces I’d actually consider getting one if I had the money to spend on something like that. The simple circle gem seems like it would be less plaque trapping, too compared to a different kind of gem with more grooves. Now that I’ve written a comprehensive answer to a simple question I’d also like to add that the gem looks super cute on your smile!

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