Casting Tutorial – Gemstones with Pebeo´s Crystal Resin | JakCosplay

Its time for a new casting tutorial. In this video I will show you how to cast gemstones for your cosplay, jewellry or art decoration with pebeo´s crystal resin and their vitral colors.



_Silicone Mold Pebeo_

_Vaseline Pebeo_

_Resin Pebeo Crystal_

_Vitral Color #17_


Intro Music: Daniel Rosty – Aurora


Cơ Ngọc says:

How long does it take to dry resin

Emy Bourdages says:

Thanks a lot for this tutorial! And thank you for the different glitters/color test you did. It’s nice to see someone testing before speending a lot of money on something that didn’t came as you want it.

ElfMystical Cosplay says:

I was looking so long for this mold! Thank you so much also for making a resin video with different types. 🙂

kazuya mishima says:

ur sooo beautiful

Zelapfinia says:

Tolles Viedo <3 Wie immer super strukturiert & verständich!

k192447 says:

seu trabalho é lindooooooooo.

TripleAmmy says:

It’s really nice that you showed different styles of colouring and non-colouring, it really helps with figuring out how to make my own gems. Thank you so much for the tutorial! <3

hazrat bilal says:

so beautifull aye

Kristen Black says:

These are fun! I make resin pieces, as well. I suggest thin layers of resin when doing glitter. Pour in a little bit, enough to coat the bottom of the mold and let it cure for half the time, repeat over and over until the mold is filled completely. Let cure for the full time and then demold it. The glitter will be even throughout the piece. Hope that helps.

Dona's crafty channel banik says:

So simple and easy love it

BTS Unicorn says:

You can try putting two colors and some small marbles that would be a good idea

Silence Tuber says:

i am from bangladesh how and where
can i buy resine

faroshscale says:

“homo genius” you tried ⭐

GodmanGen says:

Any resin like these that can be used with contact with food?

minty al says:

Amazing tutorial!

SexyVixen1011 says:

you inspired me to buy this mold I love it so much 🙂

random consumer says:

COMPLETELY homogeniues. 😀 I needed that. Ty.

Loverofcomedy says:

hay guys, can anyone tel me if this resin has problems with Composimold?
ive been trying to make a custom gem but i can’t get the resin set properly, i have confirmed im mixing it correctly and other than the weather the mold is the only thing im doing different.

Jessica Bordeaux says:

Fabulous tutorial , very informative, you answered all my questions during the video please post more

Alya Maisarah says:

Is it Expensive?

Larisa Sova says:

I try use this pebeo resin. It is never become hard. Spend time and money for nothing

Searece Talent says:

Regarding the sinking glitter issue, you can use the hardware resin/epoxy in the hardware/tool glue section of the store to fix that! It sets VERY fast and I recommend only making one or two pieces at a time, but the glitter doesn’t sink since it sets so fast. (It also stinks to high heaven, but I only use it for glitter because I love that suspended look.) I mix it on small squares or scraps of craft paper I’ve cut out (I can get about 12 little squares from a sheet, I think).

Sorry for the long comment; I simply love resin.

Alya Maisarah says:

Where you get the ingridents?

the1tigglet says:

Awesome thanks so much for this video I’ve been wanting to make a replica of the Dark Crystal and it’s shard for some time now! WOOT

The random Channel says:

If you don’t mix the dye it makes a swirl effect

Avenger 008 says:

As yo Scott’s

MitchyGaming says:

Super Video! Ich hab nur ein Problem mit dem Härte prozess…nach mittlerweile 30 Stunden ist mein rein noch immer nicht hart geworden obwohl ich auf das Verhältnis und die Menge geachtet habe…Raumtemperatur ist bei ca 23 grad.. ist das normal? :/

rachael cox says:

I love your accent and work!

# Deathstar says:

I’ve licked and subscribed and put in notifications and love your channel

Jennifer Elliott says:

Clear, easy to understand and fun. Good job. Can’t wait to try it!

Fabiano Rezende says:

This is epoxy resin?

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