Creating a White Opal with Lapis and Tungsten Ring

In this weekly video I am making a ring with a crushed white opal powder and medium frit with lapis lazuli powder and a small amount of chalcopyrite in a tungsten band!

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Maya Papaya says:

I just found your channel!!! The rings are so pretty

arpirgaming says:

quick question, how did you crush it all? i’m trying to replicate this but with peridot and idk how to crush my little gems

A Clarke says:

Very nice!

doves1 Pelligreano says:

I just love yr work…Can i buy the ring yr making? I would be honered to wear that.

Dan Knight says:

Beautiful! I’m not yet up to this type of stuff. Still working with coin rings and miscellaneous jewelry with solid minerals. I look forward to one day doing stuff like this!!

Wende Wu says:

8MM Tungsten Carbid Rings
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Rvp Rvp says:

Can i order ur ring?

doves1 Pelligreano says:

What is CA?

Pablo Albu says:

How you engrave the interior of the ring?

alicia Garcia says:

How awesome you’re here in Texas!

Wesley Cheng says:

Hi! I was wondering where you bought the ring core from?

Go fuck Yourself says:

Made in Texas! Makes me me proud. Where do you sell these?

IgotHeliFever says:

Hello! From another Texan ! I love all Your Rings on the 8-10 Videos I’ve watched so
far. The wood rings with the copper pipe & brass wire and wood SS wie & brass wire
inlaid rings were beautiful and I think I have everything to Make these! : ) The Opal
inlaid rings might be a bit more difficult ? I made a few Rings back in the early 90’s
out of Stainless Steel Valve Guides from a Diesel Engine while working offShore
with bench grinder,hacksaw, sandpaper and brassO for polish it was my wife’s
engagement ring and she loved it! after 26 years I think I’ll make Her another One so
thank You for the inspiration my friend !

Nicholas Morgan says:

Looks great

Andrew Parritt says:

Holy shit man. Your work is generally quality! This is hands down the best ring yet. Im glad you sell these, you’d make so much out of something with that great of craftsmanship!

AMnesia HAze says:

hi sir, where do you get you opals from?

Savannah Bieber says:

Another kick ass ring. Love it!!

Henry Chavez says:

what sandpaper grits do you use?

Alan Rodrigues says:

ohhh yeah i find you !

Aepek says:

Beautiful. Can’t wait to order one. Site is closed until orders are complete, & can’t wait till opens back up.
Great work.

Shaun Rumleski says:

A very meticulous project and did a incredible job

Wendy Griffin says:


my tunes says:

This ring is the bomb—–beautiful work

Gloria Lloyd says:

Can this sort of thing work with pearls? Anyway I love these, I’m glad I found this channel.

Lasse Maerkedahl Larsen says:

How did you get started? I see you have a bunch of different tools and technique, how did you begin and how did you then develop further? Would love to learn how to do this

gsilcoful says:

Wow. Beautiful.

Saurav Odayan says:

Do you use real gemstones?

Sig Guy says:

Loving your video, brother, nice job! How do you crush your opal so fine? Keep them coming, they are fun to watch! Cheers

Rob Shane says:

Where can I buy a tungsten ring with an empty groove like that?

Edit: Never mind, I read your comment down below.

BlueCrestRealty1 says:

Wow love it, didn’t see this one on your website I want it lol

Chong Bong says:


Mz Jazz says:

hi where do you get your pen mandrel and ring bushings

James Crowl says:

Where do you source your raw materials from? Great vids!!! I’ve watched about 4 of them in the last hour. Treat project idea’s!

B says:

Love your work man. Makes me want to get a lathe!

MaryAnn Sterling says:


Aimee D says:

Oh crap…You use thick CA glue at first…Ha ha ha…I finally figured that out after my 2nd ring…Now I’m on my third ring and using thick CA glue at first really helps!! Love your video’s… Thanks!!!

Leslie Garcia says:

What supplies do I need to buy to do this?

Francisco Gomez says:

Great work! is that a machine shop lathe or work working lathe?

Megan Goldner says:

Awesome video. Thank you. But what if I do not have a lathe?

Game Master says:

Hey. I wanted to know where you take titanium blanks for rings? Could you give a link?

Harris Nikolaou says:

How much of each of the stones are you using? Beautiful Results!

Cristiano Fernandes says:

how much is 2 number 17 and 12

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