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Starseeds And Lightworkers In Hiding
Energy Vampires

Crystals, precious stones and rocks, these are my collection that keeps growing, I am so addicted to these and they help me get through life, everyone should have their own collection and in this video I explain why.


Suga's Tongue Technology - says:

2:26 Awww i like your cat lol <33

Tiffany Siu says:

Can you do an updated video? Love your glass box, and what exactly is that one that was passed down from your mother? It looks super unique but you barely discussed it. 🙂 that bracelet looks gorgeous on your wrist in combination with other bracelets too.

holistic79 says:

I like how the crystals look as their very beautiful and we’re created each uniquely by God that’s one of many sighs He exists. Nothing will help but God.

It’s all physiological to think stones help you. ☺tc

Teen Idol says:

The tower shaped one is selenite. Pretty, but very delicate stone. Goldstone and blue sandstone (and opalite) are man made glass but still very beautiful. I also love rose quartz its such a beautiful stone.

LoversLane Hawj says:

I’m planning to purchase my first bracelet on Etsy shop. They are pricey so I’ll start with one at a time…if I can control myself lol. Thanks for sharing your lovely gems.

ankit bhajiwala says:

I have some gamestons.
you like to buy?

Cat M. says:

I love crystals! I think they are so beautiful!

ankit bhajiwala says:

contact me on

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