Diamond Selector II 2 Diamond tester testing review with detecting find and personal updates!

I bought this Diamond selector II 2 to check if the stones in the ring I found earlier this were real and to test if this tester works well or not. Also I think I’m back to 100% now pretty much I’m sure I had penomia , it’s been fairly hot and super muggy, and I just didn’t need to be out in all that since my breathing wasn’t the greatest. So I hope I can get back out there soon and find some more great stuff! Untill then I’m going to try and get some good shots of all the new feathered friends that are stpping by here now I’ve got the new feeder hanger up thanks for watching!!

Diamond selector II 2 for$8.29 guy who had them for $7.99 is sold out sorry



Z says:

i have a ring which only beeps red with the diamond tester when the tester is set to to all the green squares and four orange squares aka number 7 on the tester, does that mean its fake :D?

Anything under the green and and four squares it wont beep red.

Nikia G. says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!!!

MK Al Ameri says:

Temperature for stone i did not understood

Johnny Tesar says:

Can that be used on raw diamonds?

Nasir Ahmed says:

How can I buy that Diamond Selector ?

Lisl G McCredy says:

I purchased one of these to test for diamonds when I buy gemstones since I buy them in lots. I am terrified of getting a false positive. Any tips?

MK Al Ameri says:

Great workHow i can tast big stone more then 1 kg but maybe some diamone inside it the level but when i test it sound comes

ospanga says:


omar gedo berta raxada says:

my names omar am from in kenya please how much contict no 254722447632

林明鋒 says:

鑽石選擇器II 2鑽石測試儀測試審查與檢測發現和個人更新!

Jay Mac says:

what is moissanite?? Does the selector discern between a diamond and moissanite?

vinygee says:

love the videos,Specially the diamond tester. I found it funny that it was supposed to be made in Japan and yet it had the CE China Export logo on it.

Dave C says:

Sorry mate but that video is awful,if you were using that for a living you would be out of business ,you never once mentioned that you have to maintain quite honestly a circuit through your body by ensuring contact with the plate on the rear of the tester for instance,or you test on diamonds you assume are diamonds ,so really if i were to put a selection of stones in front of you and say identify the non -diamonds i cannot see you being able to sorry

Pan Piquś says:

Before you test the diamonds, read the manual of the camera. Especially support for zoom and macro.

dallas mcleod says:

thats probably the size of a 0.2 carat for the main stone i have a half carat thats atleast double the size

Panhandle Sharkteeth says:

Nice gadget! I need to get me one of those!

dallas mcleod says:

the lab made diamonds will not test positive on a diamond tester

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