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Faceting Gemstones Rocks into Real Money The gem and jewelry making trade. Finished examples: http://www.ebay.com/usr/4-matt1 How we form pieces: https://youtu.be/8Q8Lk92pYNw Cutting gemstones. How to facet sapphires: http://youtu.be/l5KyJPAb2jw Faceting the frosted horse: http://youtu.be/8bE-hxUZk8Y What Your Mother Never Told You: http://youtu.be/AfexkzKf5vQ Gems, treasure books, tools: http://www.treasuresites.com/treasurebooks.htm Connie’s Custom Vinyl Prospector Stickers & More Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/store=417495924 My site: http://www. treasuresites.com The gem and jewelry making trade. Faceting gemstones and how to facet gemstones explained and demonstrated. Faceting gemstones – rocks to real money. The gem trade and how to facet rocks into gemstones.


Benji says:

But aren’t you forgetting the time and effort it takes for you to cut the stone? It’s more like an hourly wage if you look at it like that.

Sarah Kitty Kim says:

Playback speed of 1.25, you’re welcome

Earthwatch Etcetera says:

good stuff, thank you! blessings to you and the mrs.

Glen W says:

Your videos are some of the best–very well made with accurate information. Thank you, sir.

charles mark says:

I love opals and am a novice.  I have seen and noticed that the market is flooded with so many Opals from China and India.  They are claiming to sell Welo Opals.  Is there any way to tell them apart.  I figured that as a novice I should learn to Cab first, before I get into the intricate cuts.  I love stones, as no one is the same, they are all different and unique.

Chuedoua Chang says:

I need you cut my diamond and make it. How I contacted you.

MonkeyBlueAss says:

God bless you. Thanks so much for sharing

clinton jones says:

Your time created it…time that you could use earning money in a job…if you do it then it has to be financially beneficial and be equal to if not better than the money you get from a normal job unless it’s an hobby.

Jhensy2012 says:

Very informative video, thanks.

Steve Atkinson says:

I hope all went well with surgery, thank you for the fantastic videos, i look forward to seeing more

drick freak says:

Still one of my favorite videos.

Awais Haq says:

great video

Aces & eights AZ Gunsmith says:

Great video sir . Are you a traveling man ?

Franklin Newhart says:

I find it interesting that you downgrade Ebay stones.  If you are carefull in your bidding by buying only certified stones you can get some nice gems from India or Sri Lanka.  One drawback however is that most of these stones have been cut with a template cutter and the facets do not meet.  There are inexpensive spectascopes you can buy and/or build.  It is also important to have a good Ultra Violet lamp.  Two actually.  A UV-A and a UV-B. and a low power microscope.  1-50 power.  This is where real money gains can be made.  Re-cutting a poorly cut stone is far less work than starting on a rough piece.  You can turn a two dollar stone into a $200 stone with very little effort.  Also buying large stones that are full of faults can be a real saving as well.  By breaking apart large stones at the faults you can get some nice pieces that can be cut into smaller gems.  It’s always fun to play at what you can get for very little and what you can turn it into. I must say this has been a great video though.  Thankyou

Leon Reaper says:

”Let’s get back to cutting those eyeballs” I thought you were gunna cut some opals?…lol jk

Junny Sheikhy says:

search for job of gemscutting

i dont play says:

So are the rough stones ( ruby or sapphire ) you find on ebay really cheap and high carats total are able to become valuable once cut.

Tekk Savvy says:


KristaL Mac LeoD says:

Good luck with your endevour’

Ion Ceban says:

how to choose a good lapidary machine ?.

Matthew McClenahan says:

I’ve been looking for “finding gold 6” or 7 and there is nothing there.

Does Chickenwings says:

That’s not an opal

Jenny Franczak says:

Thank you, Matt. Very informative.
I’m wishing the very best for you, and feel sure you will be teaching something new, very soon! 

(doctor, metalsmith, amateur jeweller) 

kogwonton says:

So…. outsourcing American jobs to China is a human right, but damn those Chinese gemstone-cutting whorehouses driving down the price of gemstones… I’m all for craftsmen earning their keep, but you really need to understand the difference between free-enterprise and capitalism. It is a subtle difference – mainly that of earning money from your own labor (added value) vs. ‘unearned income’ (look up that term) from other people’s labor, through speculation, rent, or primarily from ownership (stock dividends – finance). It is possible to have a system of free enterprise without capitalism.

C-Track Beatz says:

Wow you are awesome mat.

charles mark says:

The link takes me to an EBay store that only has stickers and that is all.  Can you provide me a different link possibly?

einsteindrieu says:


Kobe Givens says:

What’s this machine called I found some Rubies and I want to see if I can cut them they are pretty big

Dan Butler says:

I know that meet point faceting uses a faceted girdle, but with a stone this valuable it was too bad that that you didn’t take the time to round the girdle.

UbuntoO says:

Thanks Matt, I very much enjoyed this video and learned a lot. Hope your medical went well and you are back prospecting and cutting! 
I want to buy a faceting machine but don’t know which one? and I guess I should have a saw too.
Best to you and your health,

Joeyflyswimmer says:

Hello, I am an aspiring lapidary. I was wondering what maching i should start out on. And also, I am not sure if i should start out on cabbing or faceting. Please help me.

Han Cordina says:

Where do you sell these pharoahs eyes I would like to add them in with my jewelry making. Thanks!

Dead Hunter says:

Hey great video. From one rock hound to another I really enjoy your videos very informative. I’ve been collecting since I was 10 or about. Its a fantastic hobby and I’m glad to see the same type of passion . Thanks again

johnnybaustralia says:

You’re welcome to post your Youtube video urls on to our
Lapidary World Facebook site if interested to increase your views.

Also our Yahoo group:

Regards John from: Lapidary World –

adnorahs ylloj says:

I would like to have a Cleopatra

MDSsystems says:

this is so fricken cool|interesting

adnorahs ylloj says:

Ok Matt I have some stones I’d like to have cut what do you charge? Also have some I sent off to have cut, could I send you a few to look at. Tell me what you think

FarOutFarSpace says:

People today more and more just want to buy your gemstone you worked so hard on for 10 dollars at Walmart.

I learned how to facet gemstone about 1 yr before the home shopping network started selling cut gemtones. Except that 20 dollar stone I faceted that should have been worth 100 dollars cut, was now worth 10 or less. So I could no longer make any money. 8 hrs of work for nothing because they got someone on the other side if the world to cut it for pennies.

Us Americans can do beautiful high quality work and make value until they can do it with a little less quality in another country. And put us out of business.

Maybe we can only make money if we sell it as art. But fewer and fewer people can recognize quality or even care any more.

Anthony Jaffe says:

I’m looking into getting into this as a fun money making hobby. I’m about to take classes on how to facet stones and to cut cabs here in Charlotte, NC. This seems to be a very secretive hobby. I’ll talk to people about who do this and when I talk about getting into it as a hobby and for some side money, they just clam up. I’ve bought some books on this and some of the authors seem to say the same thing about people keeping this practice a secret. I have a decent paying day job that allows me to save up for this. I’m not doing this as a “get rich quick scheme”. The only way my wife will allow me to do this is that I told her its for side income (even though I would mind doing it just for the craft). little by little I’m finding out more information about faceting and the difference between cutting stone myself and the ones sold at Walmart/Kmart/Kholes that go for 70% off. After I learn how to cut, I plan on saving up for a Lap. I have plenty of “undesirable rough” I can practice on to perfect the craft. I do have questions about selling. Ebay just seems to be flooded with imperfect junk stones from over sees. If I were to sell them on ebay, I feel that they would be obscured by cheap, inferior stones. part of this is addressed in this video. I guess my question is, what are the pros and cons of getting into this?

Nathaniel Rogers says:

just viewed your series for first time. I hope all is well for you, I think what you do is great!

Claudio Sanchez says:

Thank you sir!

JeffersonianTV says:

holy moly this was fun to watch.

Steve Rogers says:

I have the same masonic ring you do. This is a great vid

Tank Soldier says:

Hi I have found a spot of tree Opel ,from twig size to about 30 in’s around ,some have precious the rest are fire many colors black ,white ,purple,yellow ,red and mixed .? What abrasive would you recommend to tumble the white crusty stuff off ? Thanks

Codie Roper says:

Ok hold up dude, this was a ten minute video I saw you take a total of two cuts on camera. Now I have done toolmaking for quite sometime so I understand tedious methods however I guess the best gemstones are made by eye balling, not the case with metal parts. I spent alot of time with my kid gem mining and thought with a machining background maybe I could find some one sharing and teaching the tricks of the trade. Unfortunately just like shopwork people want to keep things a secret. Well heres a secret you can either open up and teach your fellow people, or they can send it to China and have it faceted or machined for much cheaper. If this is strictly about just having a nice little chat and showing off your personal style of cut, bravo it is a beautiful cut. Aside from that I didn’t even learn how to put the stone on a dopstick or learn anything about the rough cut. Thank you for sharing but description could be less misleading. .

Harry Kobes says:

Matt so glad to see you are still making Videos

Mike Fastuca says:

Thanks Matt, I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

Alexis Cruz says:

Muy interezantes los videos me gustaria verlos en español

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