Fake RUBY Pieces!!!

I do like the design on these type of pieces. What I don’t like is the mislabeling on them. These gemstones are in no way shape real rubies. I’m here to talking about this issue. When buying a piece like this, just know you aren’t getting a real ruby. A lot of rubies and gemstones are treated and that effects the cost drastically. Everyone buys different gemstones from different sources so make sure you do your research. Thanks for watching!

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Akhil Raj says:

Hi, could you tell me the dimension of that pendant.

Archibald Chesterfield III says:

One of the worst trends are these chains. The bracelets and rings are also gross.

pink uniq says:

I am gonna buy this ruby necklace for grandma’s birthday gift.

But I’ve heard that some ruby jewelry has been made with lead glass so i am concerning about it…. i am sure this might be fake …. but …. they says the original price was 600 dollars… (it’s kind of big for me) Does these kind of pieces usually selling around this prices?

A says:

any idea how to tell if a ruby is real though?
fog test? uv light? scratch test? its in a 110 year old gold ring, in curious if my great grandparents got ripped off.


Can you make a reaction video to riff raffs ruby Rolex ? Thanks

Ariel Estevan says:

sorry you may not know,but there are 4 to 19 karats rubies that are not treated with glass or heated ,and they are not costing millions….I kniw that fir sure because I am a gemologist….

Mark Bautista says:

What type of chain is that in this video? Also how many inches and mm if you will. Thanks!


what about the black onyx that sits in the same setting?

Jon Olson says:

lmfao this shit made me laugh so hard. kids thinking they walkin around with real rubies doh.

Kristin Gardner says:

I have a which

most complicated man says:

famous rappees wearing theese chans and ymcmb members this is so popular piece they flexin with the rubies posting on instagram but they dont know is fake only AD KILLA INK knows im gonna hit the like button on your video another people who know when i see theese chains i know its abviously fake its just no way its too big

Tealtown 408 says:


Kristin Gardner says:

hi this is Brandon roelx which

samthalyricist says:

I’m into style and love having gold chains. I was actually going to purchase this exact chain in a few days until I stumbled across your video, thanks man. I’ll be sure to do my research before I cop a new chain lmao . Subscribed !

Ariel Estevan says:

I don’t need to discuss this with you ,I belong to a family who own ruby mines in Burma in the begining of the century ,rubies are corondum, and as all the precious stones they are market by very greedy people they put the prices ,and yes I know a very good quality ruby can be price abobe diamonds …..gems had pass in front of my eyes way before you were born …..good is you pretend to know….

Tommy Walker says:

How much would you charge for a sapphire pendant like that or where could I buy one? And are the sapphire pieces like that fake also?

HumbledGod says:

wouldn’t be surprised if birdmans one is real lmao

Definitely A Black Guy says:

holy shit how the hell are rubies so expensive

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