How to Choose the Right Glue in Jewelry Making – There are so many different types of glue that we use in jewelry and it can be a bit confusing as to which one you should choose for a specific project. This video goes over 4 common glues: E6000, Nunn Design Glue, Crafter’s Pick, and GS Hypo-Cement and talks about each one and what makes it special. Various application examples are also given.

Designer: Julie Bean

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E6000 Industrial Strength Glue Adhesive (3.7 Oz)
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E6000 Industrial Strength Glue Adhesive (0.18 fl oz)
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Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Permanent Glue Cement Adhesive 4 OZ
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G S Hypo Cement Precise Applicator Essential!
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Nunn Design Glue Adhesive 2 oz. – For Patera Findings (1)
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Arlene Sherman says:

Have you ever heard of Sugru? A woman in England developed it as part of a Graduate project. Her idea was to fix things, or Hack them so you can save instead of throw it away. Go to the web site and believe what they say it really is a life saver thar sticks to anything!

criistiinaxxoo says:

Which glue would you recommend if I want to glue a crystal point into a bullet casing? In essence natural quartz crystal bonded to metal.

Paula Power says:

Hi, you mentioned cabachons in talking about E6000 glue. I wonder if it can be used with semi-precious gemstones, or are there some it shouldn’t be used with, like perhaps Opals or Selenite? Thanks in advance, P, in Liverpool, UK.

Kenza DivaK says:

which glue is ideal for bonding rhinestones on a bra? although in this video I talk about it I do not speak English very well and I can not understand what is the right glue to buy, so that adheres to the fabric and rhinestones.

Miffymoments says:

Useful post, thanks. For putting embellishments on sunglasses do u recommend the cement or E6000 please? i am trying both but would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

Nancy Coffin says:

Im trying to make a tiara using a metal head band what kind of glue would work best?

Brittany Headbang says:

So would the E 6000 be best for metal work? I’m glueing chains to metal rings. Will it hold and not look sloppy?

Tangela Hamlin- Beard says:

Is Loctite glue good for securing the knot on stretch bracelets ?

LysBleu Fleur says:

Svp. existe il en français cette explication ?     traduction google  It is this explanation in French

Beadaholique says:

Hi! I actually have not heard of the other variations of E6000, I am sorry. Since we do not carry these other ones, I am afraid I can not speak to what the differences are or how they work.

Beadaholique says:

+Brittany Headbang It depends on how thick your metal rings are. If they are quite thick and there is enough metal touching metal, then I think they will hold. However, it also depends on the weight of the chain and the rings, if it is incredibly heavy, then it might not hold.

Adi Denis says:

Ultimate Permanent Glue is stink?

Judy Todd says:

i am having issues with E6000 when i use it on Leather Cord to secure knots.  it separates from the cord if the bracelet gets wet.   should i try the fabric glue, anyone have any tips?  it didn’t always do this.  i am also making other leather bracelets, and stumbled across this video while trying to figure out what glue to use on flat leather to bond two peices of leather, or other fabric to the leather when covering knots with fabric….hope that made sense…lol

1775Dreamer says:

I’m a book artist, so I need all my materials and adhesives to be archival and acid-free. I want to use Swarovski crystals on a cover of a book, and I’m having a heck of a time finding any adhesive that is archival. I know G6000 is the most popular, but I can’t believe it’s anywhere near archival.

I’m currently using PVA for gluing Cabochons to my book covers, and Aleen’s Tacky Glue for gems. Are there any better, more secure glues that are archival out there? Thanks…

Milly Wagner says:

Hi i am making soda cans earrings  what is the best glue? something  that will not hurt my skin when i glue them   … i glue  the back and front so is double sided  so my earrings looks cute  … 

Tiara Lee says:

Hey! I have Stretch magic I’m making beaded bracelets, is the G-S Hypo cement good for this?

Breeanna Marshall says:

We are finding E6000 is making colours run when making earrings, what do you recommend to either seal the paper (spray would be easiest) or an alternate glue? 

Lorentell Williams says:

Which would you recommend for stud pearl earrings

singerandrummer4life says:

Ok I make rings and I’m starting to get more business. I’m getting ready to make a ring for a girl I know and she has two stones that she wants on the ring but there isn’t holes in them so I need to glue the stones on. What glue should I use? I need one that will really stay an is waterproof

RubyStandingDEER says:

would you recommend using the E6000 for foil back swarovski crystals to lacy? I have had the mirror on buttons come right off. What am I doing wrong?

JuJu Crafts says:

E6000 is definitely the “Duct Tape” of the crafting world, I use it for almost everything from little rhinestones to chunky car parts that I glue on for larger steampunk projects.  I have had the same experience with E6000 (as well as other glues) as AnaRosa -the actual rhinestone will fall off simply leaving the foil attached to the project with the glue.  The only way around this I’ve found is to make sure a touch of the E6000 is slightly on the side edges of the rhinestone.  It dries clear and if “barely” on the gem, you can’t tell.

dee mcg says:

FYI:  any glue that is cyanoacrylate based (crazy glue & all its imitators, Gorilla glue…if you look on the ingredient label & see “cyano” anything) will destroy the foil backing on glass/acrylic gemstones & when that is gone they will no longer look remotely pretty.  They become flat, dull, lose their iridescence etc.  Ruined no matter if the product is from Swarovski or from one of those “gems” tubs you get in Michaels/Joanns craft stores…

Mayra Lubov says:

Hi, What glue do you recommend to attach a hemp cord to leather. I want to make a leather bracelet without a clasp.

singerandrummer4life says:

Sorry idk what happened in my last comment with all the random symbols

Beadaholique says:

+cjay G I do like to use E6000 to glue them to metal.

marie fauvel says:

Is the E6000 good for Vinyl & metal ? 🙂

varshitha gopireddy says:

ha superb

japoki808 says:

Would you have a suggestion on what would be good for shell jewelry? I want to glue a pearl in the back of a shell, but I want the glue to be strong and clear.

Methelinhill says:

Thanks for the information, it was very helpful!

Arlene Sherman says:

I am a believer in making sure my jewelry pieces don’t fall apart once sold or given away. Super glue is my go to for that!

tuttkhan55 says:

now youtube, how did i get here?

Adrica Doolan says:

Hi, this was very helpful. I would like to know if you have a suggestion on what type of gloves to wear when using E6000 and also what sort of gloves to wear when mixing resin. Thanks 🙂

Virgo says:

Hi what can i use to stick rhinestone or gems on candles?

Kari Crouse says:

I have seen E6000 in the store and it says it is an industrial strength jewelry epoxy. Online, I have also seen B6000 and F6000 that comes in similar packaging. From what I gather F6000 is a fast drying alternative. B6000 is called “newer” but I cannot find much other info on it. Do you know what the difference is? I’m wanting the same adhesion as E6000, but it appears B6000 comes with a fine applicator.

Christine G says:

would you recommend using the E6000 for foil back swarovski crystals to metal or putter?  

Sweet Seoltang says:

Where can I find the GS Hypo Cement?

Fee Nicole says:

What if you are making septum rings for your nose and you want the beads to adhere to the metal which is the best?

Misty Williams says:

Thank you for sharing…. I am just a little frustrated… could you help resolve a few concerns that I have about using glue? This past weekend I was putting together packs of jewelry to send off and hopefully sale. To my dismay, as I was handling some of the pieces, pointed back rhinestones began to fall of a few of of them. I used mainly E6000 and some GS Hypo Cement. Additionally, I had used GS Hypo Cement on all of my Kumihimo bracelets. On one of my bracelets I did a silk wrap secured with the glue at the end to hold the button loop in place….. it pulled out when I clasped the bracelet. All pieces have set for weeks in open space with minimal handling to prepare for transport. Is this common? Any pointers I should be aware of that no ever mentions on any of these tutorials?

Beadaholique says:

Hi, E6000 would be a good choice, it is very sturdy and durable.

Laura Costello says:

l have tried using E6000 and found that a lot came out of the tip if l pressed it a little too much and a wispy thread would come out. Is there any way of getting around this? I just tried the Hypo cement to glue a plastic part to surgical steel earring posts. I also got a wispy thread with this product also. Is this a good match, or should l try something else?

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