How to DIY Gemstone Fruit Rings UV Resin Tutorial

Hey everyone! For today’s video I have a watch me resin/craft/diy/ how to make video these fruity gemstone rings: pineapple, blueberry and watermelon. I made this using the materials in my Sophie and Toffee Subscription Box

The materials I used were UV resin, pigments, black beads, ring bases, GEM silicone mold and UV lamp. All materials used in the video are here:

Resin: a compound that is time curing into a hardened plastic material. I used UV resin, but you may also use 2 Part resin. Link to UV resin here: and look up “UV resin”. UV resin requires curing in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp, I use a UV lamp used for nails/nail art.

Sophie and Toffee have a new website ( for their subscription box and they also are releasing the a new subscription box for SILICONE MOLDS and GLITTER. So don’t forget to check that out.

***Please refer to my FAQ Playlist for tricks, tips and tools

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Chloe Beltran says:

I want one so bad

Emilia Savolainen says:

That blueberry is soooo cute! I mean they all are but that blueberry is my favorite ☺️

Charmed Crafts says:

You come up with really beautiful creative ideas!

kwikpikachu says:

They really look like the crystals in the luncheon kingdom from super Mario odyssey

닭북 says:

너무 예뻐요!ㅎ

Reilley Farnsworth says:

These turned out soo cute! Great job

Emma Pratt says:

hey i love your channle pollymomotea

tay sha says:

AWWW SO CUTE good job!

Glitter TV says:

It’s very pretty

ashlyn Trask says:

How about ocean dome rings? Or maybe you could try lava even!

Ms King says:

These remind me of candy.

Arpine Hovhannisyan says:

If I saw these in a store I would buy these in a heart beat

DIYS And more says:

Can you do this with sculpey

Annie Xiang says:

The blueberry one is so cute!

SRR Founder says:

Awesome… AS ALWAYS! Is there a way to minimize bubbles, Alex… THANKS A BUNCH! ~Mikio ❤

Frosw Kontesidou says:

So beautiful !!

Its Shuana says:

I wanna make these but I do not have resein… 🙁

Juielie Larsen says:

Looks so kawaii!

Salmaapps Apps says:

Ni se mets ou tu la acheter es que dans toysrase

Jazlyn Phan says:


Ash The fox says:

This is really cute

Mia Waters says:

Dose it look like it is slime in it or is it just me

Princess Narriah says:

They are all so beautiful

Abys Wolf says:

I thought that was a ring pop

littlefuzzyfox says:

it just me or has anyone else noticed that he has been on a fruit kick

Crysta B says:

I typically really like your video but I didn’t like how you didn’t say that you were glazing the full ring. I know you did something to them because when you first demold them they aren’t shiny but then at the end they are.

Fern Potatonugget says:

This is so cool

Klai don says:

Id love to see you address your bubbles for a more finished look

nope nope says:

I love this dude his projects are always creative and they look so cute plus his voice is soothing

Valerie Kessler says:

What a cute and creative way to use the gem molds

YeOlde CatWench says:

Yay! I’m so excited for a new video!

pinkyysk says:

I really enjoyed your take on this!

Paulo Tablate says:

i l9v watermelon

Isabelle Sibun says:

Sooo cute

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