How to Drill Holes in Rocks for Jewelry with Rotary Tool

How to drill holes in rocks for jewelry with rotary tool takes you through the steps I use to get a nice hole in lapidary rocks for jewelry.
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eba4882 says:

thank you for your tutorial videos

Cheryl Savino says:

well this was refreshing. i was so intimidated by other videos I have watched . so much explaining and “dont do this, you need to do that etc etc… i just watched your video and then used my dremel and created my first necklace . ty!

Annette Goka says:

Hopefully folks are wearing gloves and masks when they do this

Sue Fraley says:

Hi, nice video, thanks! Wondering why do you start with the rounded bit instead of just doing the whole thing with the flame bit?


Thanks for all your videos about how to use a dremel. Really interesting and helpful information.

Chaz Arban says:

Great video! I have some stones someone has asked me to help them drill so I’m trying to figure out what I’m getting into. What kind of bits are you using? There’s different kinds for different purposes because of heat and strength and all kinds of things I just wasn’t sure what to use for this.

Alonso Glez says:

Use a grinder hole atachment

seymore glass says:

Would drilling in water not speed the process and conserve drill bits?


What 3 diamondhead bits are you using? Trying this for the first time i have smaller stones that are already drilled but I’m trying to enlarge them i believed I ruined the diamond bits my stones are raw agate any suggestions

Cheeky J says:

Was hoping for a way that was easier to the way I’m doing it. Dam, nope, lol. Cheers for the vid, love the stonework.

Linda W says:

What if you were drilling a quartz egg? What would you suggest to hold it?

Rough Rock Shop says:

informative video thanks, but tell me are you wearing a mask as you don’t seem to be using water to catch the dust or cool your drill bits?

Idiot toidi says:

You need a lubricant such as oil or water to keep the bit from breaking.

abdelkrim laagad says:

very good

CincyPlasmaTech says:

Where did you get the diamond drill with the holes in it? How long do you estimate this took? I’m drilling an agate right now, and it is so slow, especially compared to videos I have watched. I use lots of water. I keep checking to make sure I still have diamond. The only thing I haven’t done yet is dress the bit with some old brick.

Faten Aboelhasan says:

Good job and nice video as always. I recommend drops of water during drilling process it will make it easier and quicker, don’t worry about electric problems. The fan in drilling machine will not allow drops of water going in. Good luck

Mama Bear's She Shed Tracy Keaton says:

I have been trying to find a tutorial on how to drill Swiss blue topaz or amethyst. Even agates, however with the smaller stones I cannot seem to find a proper Vice to hold these stones. Where do I look for this information or can you do another tutorial on those stones?

D Smith says:

Thanks for another informative video!

terpenstien says:

so how deep is your hole?

mary marzec says:

What is the hand held tool called?

Garry Dye says:

Add two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

Elly says:

can somebody give me here a link of her fb group I cant finde ?

Harak Hmad says:


Sean Motylinski says:


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