Fellowship member Raquelle facilitates how she adheres tooth gems! To get one of your own contact @Therealrockwell on instagram!

Also featuring @misslindsayxoxo my famous seamstress and good friend!


Rachael Freeman says:

When are you going to Japan?

song guetta says:

there is some pink dimoand?

mrcynthiag says:

Well I see you abuse your own body as well, so why would I expect you to NOT abuse your dog too.

Sarah Loves Veggies says:

I just want to get in on that puppy party!

Jax Luna says:

Ah yay Raquelle!!!! I’ve been wanting to see a video with her since she’s part of the Fellowship and also because I’d actually never seen anyone do tooth gems before I started following her on instagram

MyEnime says:

my friend had a tooth diamond put on like 10 years ago , she had her dentist do it. put it on with braces glue. she still has it on,, it only needed to be touched up once

Alice Fang says:

Dre looks so concerned LOL

Manda Fry says:

I see my magnet on the fridge! <3

Emily Underworld says:

I totally want one of these now, just gotta find someone in London who does them!

stachelbeere91 says:

kids had those here in the 2000s haha. I honestly don’t like how they look, but you have to like it not me =)

De -Vine says:

How much does she charge? Just curious

Sofia B says:

I want a tooth gem….but..I have braces..cry

Goldie Kesler says:

I laughed sooo hard yesterday when TMZ did a story on Black Chyna and her new tooth piercing lol L.A Hottest new trend “I’m like Kelly Eden been had this for like ever.

Dan War says:

am I the only one that is in LOVE with Lindsay???? I am…? well damn…

Sarah Calderon says:

I have braces, am I cool too? 🙁 lol

Alex Bobalex says:

I’ve wanted a tooth gem for like the past 2 years and have had such a hard time finding someone locally to do it.

Rachel Kaparek says:

How does one go about leaning how to do this one people? Like kits you can get (if there are any?) we don’t have anything like this where I live and I think it would be awesome to get into.. kinda like piercing. Or do you have to go to some sort of dental school to get the equipment???

Brittany Brown says:

Poor toshi and his ugly stage!

Tylan Moore says:

Just wondering I’m from Oregon. does the tooth jem a approved esthetic in California? i seem not to be able to find a single place here to do for me.

Paige Hanson says:

Can’t afford something rad like this right now (poor cripple hottie), but this has motivated me to get my teeth whiter – some cheap way.

DevilishDaysxMaui says:

Hold on- even the glue they use for braces MAY turn yellow in a year or so. Even with teeth brushing. I currently have had Invisalign 3 years and have yellow stain from the glue. The good part is the glue seems like it’s under the gem so it wouldn’t be sticking out like my Invisalign glue does. Hope I can get some clarification though if you’ve any other comments to give! Always interested to learn more

Paula Blue says:

this is super cool! I’ve seen it done at tattoo conventions before.

CrimsonCatacombs says:

My best friend had a pink tooth gem about ten years ago and everywhere we went people were telling her she had something in her teeth. lol. I think yours is brighter , shinier. Maybe they have just improved them a lot over the years.

Terri LeFrog says:

I am a Dentists Assistent from Germany and here is it a little bit diverent to your Person who put the gem on the teeth. Here it’s the Dentis who put it on the teeth and i have patients who the gem was more them ten years on a teeth. Gems are here a Fashion appearance were used from the dentist assitens. Every second person who worked as a dentist assistent in Germany has a gem. 😀

sorry for my bad english i didn’t use it so often.

Kelly u are great. I love your Channel. *-*

tabularasaconfirmed says:

It looks so cute!

Karla Villalobos says:

I thought they were incrusted not pasted, so maybe I’ll like one

Katarina Verderami says:

No one even close to me offers this service! I want to learn the processes so that I can start offering this service in my area! Please help! Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated!

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