How to Make a DIY “Gold-Dipped” Crystal Pendants by Denise Mathew

DIY faux gold dipped jewelry is all the rage so this tutorial is exactly what you need to make beautiful DIY jewelry. It’s a quick and versatile project that requires very little skill and just a few supplies. Use larger crystals for pendants and smaller for charms and earrings, the possibilities are endless, so let’s get started!
If you want to fast forward past the intro where I show pictures of past and future projects advance to 0:55

I found my gemstones in a local new age store many years ago but I know have sellers who sell raw gemstone crystals, also a subscriber suggested this eBay seller, just to be clear I haven’t ordered from this seller and am only suggesting based on the subscribers info.

I know this isn’t necessarily a jewelry tutorial but I couldn’t resist trying this technique out! So the other day I was cleaning out some cupboards and besides getting a sore back I found some really pretty crystals, many of which were perfect for making “gold-dipped” pendants. I had wanted to do a tutorial on this technique after a viewer asked me about how to do this type of pendant, so when I discovered the crystals it seemed it was the right time to make this tutorial.
There was a bit of trial and error with this technique, I made the mistakes so you don’t have to:) I originally bought gold leaf paint and thought it would create the same effect but I quickly realized that the result was inferior to the gold-dipped crystal that I had bought a few years back(One I paid $23 for!) So I went back out and got gold flakes and sealer, there were kits for gold leafing that included the adhesive and sealer but as I said, I found the sealer was perfect for me.
The crystals I used were Agate Horn/Teeth shaped beads, Raw Amber, Amethyst, A Geode, and a Clear Crystal Quartz.To prevent the wire in the drilled beads from moving too much and wearing away the gold I used a little bead glue to hold it in place at the sides, I also added a little bead glue to the finished crystal jump rings around where it was attached to the crystal for added strength. I haven’t bought crystals for a few years so I’m not sure where to get them but if anyone has a good source I would love to hear about it. This technique can be done in silver as they have silver leaf kits and flakes too.
The Gold Flakes I used are by ArtMinds
The Sealer is Mona Lisa by Speedballart
The glue is E6000 available at craft and hardware stores. If anyone knows of a better glue to use I would love to hear about it.

If you need more help with basic wire wrapping techniques and wrapped loops here is a link:
and Part 2 is here:

Here’s the link for the technique that I adapted these pendants from:…
Thanks so much to her for her inspiration.

For Gold Leaf Kits, Sealer and Adhesive:……

ArtMinds gold flakes are available at Michaels Craft store.

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See you next time:) Denise


Trish Ryans says:

do you drill your hole also? if so will you make a video for? I like your explaining 🙂

kassie taylor says:


judy fairchild says:

I really enjoyed watching. Have to try this. A tube of clear Silicone is an excellent glue. When dry it will hold a mirror on the wall. Very strong.

Karen Peros says:

I really enjoyed and loved your work. I also work with my hands so I totally get it. I was saying to my self “is that how messy I look when I work lol lol”. Everybody thinks that-that glue E6000 you used is the BEES KNEES, but I think it stinks. I habeen making jewelry for over 40 years now and had struggled with glues through the years. My dad use to bring home a mix epoxies from work you had to mix together to try to help me. Some mix black, brown, grey, but one use to turn light tan and I would use that in teeny tinny drops with nail polish. Sometimes crazy glue wasn’t so crazy and didn’t stick lol.
This is what I have been using for years on everything “LOCTITE EPOXY QUICK SET MULTI-PURPOSE” I watch you struggle with that glue and silver ring on that glop of glue. With LOCTITE just push a little ball out mix together (clear of course ) put amount on then ring…..and dry. Works on all surfaces and also comes in a 5 minute one if you think your going to need more time for set up or putting pieces together plus the regular one too. Get at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot type stores, Hardware, even Pharmacies. Great stuff!!!! I hope you give it a try.
Again, thanks for your video, because I’m going to give it a try…….the one with the ring. Lovely very lovely.

Josephine Mula says:

Thanks for the great demo Denise I am an artist who works with a lot of gold leaf is yours in square sheets? After I apply to paper with gesso under neath then I shine it with the back of a spoon is this the same kind of gold leaf?thanks

Charis Williams says:

I love your channel, keep up the amazing work! I make similar footage too 🙂

Cathey DeRosa says:

Nice tutorial. E6000 is the best glue I’ve found for most projects. Perfect choice.

Vidisha Jawa says:

no crystals made your self

Nadezhda Dimitrova says:

what programm u use for cutting the video and make such transactions between the cuts, thanks

JusTyree says:

Don’t know if I’m impressed

Sophia Dicicco says:

the filming is a little shaky but stili a good video 😀

Lisette Batista says:

what an amazing video!!! you are truly talented. thank you so much for your explanations. the only thing i can confirm is E6000 I use it on everything and its never let me down. im subscribing to your channel and i wish you continued success in the future. be blessed.

Jacqueline H. says:

This is cool! Thanks!!!!

Julie Häffner says:

how do you do the little holes to put the wire through?

Dr Baffles918 says:

I might make this for my mum for christmas

Chanteldigg says:

Lovely video will probably do this. But a minute intro is a little excessive.

Ashley Bohannan says:

This was a very awesome video and now i finally know the best way to make necklaces with real minerals!!! Thank you sooo much, your great!

Airworx Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. says:


kamran nawab ali says:

awesome jewelry good day salam alaikum i am arabic language teacher if any one like to learn arabic in different axnt misry kwati & please refer me to one who want to learn online my watsapp messenger @kimoran

lockedand bonded says:

So great, just made this choker with vintage glass I found in NY from the 1940’s

Ashley Hunter says:

This looks pretty good! The only difference between this and the gold dipped seems to be that the gold dipped in more bumpy and imperfect, but I imagine you could achieve the same thing on your bead/stone by creating artificial ridges using dried super glue, then putting gold leaf over that.

Donna Diaz says:

can this work with silver leaf?

Brenda Jordan says:

Interesting. Thanks. How about gold nail polish as well???

venusiandesigns says:

They are beautiful thank you

Rachel Karr says:

I absolutly loved this tutorial, thank you so much for your help.

Silvia Dibitonto says:

whot i am italy

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