How to set a stone in a ring

Learn how to set a stone from one of the best jewelry stores in Chicago; Christopher Duquet, Antique, Vintage & Custom Jewelry.


Anne Alexis says:

Great job, thank you, You covered it all.

Elizabeth Powers says:

Wow thanks for sharing…cool

Petra Gems says:

Great camera work!

Karin Lefevre says:

Where can a person get a round vice type thing like that?

alex says:

Nice video

Paradox Panther says:

Thank you so much! I was able to reset the stone in my ring 🙂

madsciiscrazy says:

Hey Chris – you’re not responding to my emails? Whats going on?

Zlata Etrog says:

Finished? Oh-ho! Not quite. After polish, sonic cleaning, and steam you quality control it. It’s done under a microscope to make sure that every nook and cranny is polished, but that nothing was polished through, and to check the stones in case they were jostled loose or somehow broke. Then it’s off to the rhodium station if it’s white gold to get electrocleaned and dipped. When you make sure it’s nice and dry, *then* it’s time to bag and ship 😛

Moo Moo Puppy says:

If I got married or engaged, I would learn to make jewelry and “create” a ring and set the gem. Or does that take too long? Maybe there is a crash course in jewelry making.

OstazFarid says:


lonewolf333 says:

Nice video and great clarity!  I use a Foredom TX300 with a standard handpiece and I do pretty good.  I have a question though:  Does the quick change hand piece make it much easier to control, since it is thinner than the standard hand piece?  It looks like you’re able to control it more like you would a pencil so it seems to offer better coordination than my hand piece, which feels more like those fat permanent markers.

Maryann Petri says:

Perfect thank you!


i feel comfort now…. it’s very valuable tips!!! thank you <3

Zoe Peters says:

Is that a moissanite?

MCSPT117 says:

lol polishing with dirty hands is like washing the floor with dirty feet.

goldfishgames says:

Thank you! I have a CZ sterling ring where the main stone was out. I put it back in after watching your video. The ring is for travel, not overly valuable. But I knocked it on a dog cage and popped the CZ out.

Knuxiefan says:

This is the first time I find a video that actually explains how the setting holds the stone in place! Great video for students as it shows the whole process!

Eric Ek says:

What is the bracket that holds the stone? I’m trying to find out what the front of a ring is called. The up side. The face. Is there a term? I can’t find one.

Skippy says:

Great video.  Short and to the point, thank you!

Baha alkalily says:

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Andy Vasvari says:

I have used curved nose plyer for very small stones.

David Lide says:

Who is your whole seller for diamonds and your metal? I am GIA certified and trying to start designing.

Bart Black says:

As far as holding the ring when you are shaping and filing, etc, I see people put the ring in what looks like melted resin/pitch, then when it cools they can rotate it accordingly. What is this mysterious resin/pitch that ring makers use? Someone told me mastic, but I can’t find it on any jewelry making supply store.
I need a good way to hold fragile small pieces to engrave.

Tony Perez says:

Beautiful. Great job.

aGipsyWind says:

Thank you!

Miss Imperial says:

Excellent video, very informative.

Sam Audio says:

very good video thanks for sharing

HighJewelryTV says:

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Karin Lefevre says:

What kind of marks(measurement wise) do you make before cutting the notch for the stone?

Damien Than says:

could you please show us how to set 4 princess diamonds into a ring, please. They are all same size diamond. Many thanks.

Nathan Lopez says:
Kolbie Farabee says:

Do you have a video explaining how to make the pronged bezel??

Sebastian Gawel says:

Thank you Master!

J&J Productions says:

I’m currently in the process of trying to finish the settings but I seem to have a hard time making the ends of the prongs perfectly round with the cup bur…any advice?

Gary Wessel says:

You should have – “close caption” – on here…!!!!!

C DP says:

nice job

Y Liu says:

hi, where to buy the file tool you use to shape the head of the prong? thanks.

SlightlyWetFart says:

Those two at the end laugh like they’ve just had a cheeky blowjob

Tinker Taylor says:

Wonderful tutorial thank you! I am just wondering what is the name of the drill bit you use to cut the grooves please?

Dennis Nakashima says:

My wife, has a diamond ring that her mother left for her after she passed. The ring, has four claws to keep it in its setting. Two of the claws look normal, the other two look like it was there just to support the stone, and it doesn’t wrap the entire stone at the top of the stone. Do you think this OK?

C.Banks dj mardie grais says:

I would have had a heart attack, if that stone bent and flipped.

Jano Zen says:

can a cushion diamond be set in a 6 claws setting? to make it look round? lets say if its almost a good square dimension. length n width is almost the same or exactly the same. Thank you

Julia Lindsay says:

Hi there, I am going into jewelry design.. Could I get a detailed list of your equipment and maker that you showed in this video.. Please.

demons 011 says:

perfect, clear and informative video. very much appreciated!

Malka citrin says:

hi/ can you pls help me… i set a stone to deep in a silver ring – with strong glue….. i can not melt the glue to take out the stone. i tyried ecitone – nothing moved… have you a idea how can i melt the glue? thank you so much

C.Banks dj mardie grais says:

it’s a african thing

Darkendevoures says:

Thanks man very concise and helpful

Karin Lefevre says:

How do you know the best Burr size for the gem and setting. Great vid by the way!!

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