How to Super-Secure Gems and Bling

Suzie has just returned from the ISSE Long Beach show with a terrific technique and new product to secure Gems and have them REALLY stay on!

Products Featured in this Video:

UV/LED Gel Polish #41

Gummy Jelly
Exclusive Nail Couture

SHINE E no wipe topcoat
Exclusive Nail Couture

Crystal Katana


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Beauty By Malinda says:

Every time I apply crystals or gems the gel or resin it dulls my gems. Its very annoying.

Jasmin Jasso says:

Omg my favorite video!! I’m only 13 and I could do acrylic nails!! Love your vids❤️❤️❤️

Robbie Rice says:

Do they make a wax tool that has a sleeker end rather than big and get in the way?

Malissa Mcgregor says:

I think I’m in love with you LOL you have the best nail videos ever

Brianna Feliciano says:

I’m really confused on what kind of led/uv lamp I should invest in, I need something that cures builder gel and polish!!! Please help!

Asuna Rayne says:

You all said that you were going to post the link for Nat in the description, but it’s not there 🙁

dolly gill says:

What called that tool you using for stone.

V to be me says:

Work Regulations: Keep nails natural and understated.

Tim says:

Agh the pronunciation of katana is irritating the hell out ot me

Paulie Jo Mama says:

So far Grant and Debbie(? the woman with the clear jelly stampers) are the only guests I didn’t find annoying. I actually genuinely like them

dollly_unaykorn says:

How u take em off if u don’t have acrylic nails below?

Maria Friesen says:

I live in Alberta and I really want to meet you

filmzen says:

*i can’t find her Instagram*

Lori Schad says:

Can I use this on my natural nails and if so how do I remove the gems after

Im not racist but I hate niggers says:

wow natalie thank your tits girl

Rachel Butler says:

I absolutely love everything you do

V K says:

I’ve used this product and I’m having a difficult time getting the gummy jelly to stay on. The rhinestones stay on just fine but the entire thing can peel right off the base in one peel. I was wondering if I should use a bonder or primer onto my pre polished gel nails prior to adding the gummy or should I buff the surface? What do you recommend?

Nghi Tran says:

Suzie, do you have to use the same top coat that your using or can we use any no wipe topcoat??

T M says:

Harajuku nails? Uhh Black women have been wearing nails like that for years before japanese women did and renamed it something else.

S550luis says:

Do a chrome nail

karybnails says:

Any idea why mine started peeling around the cuticle the very next day? I did all this in the right order, but it’s peeling on both fingers I used it on.

thebiggestdreamer101 says:

what is natalie’s instagram

Chuk Cho Cheng says:

That looks like aloe vera

baby lizard says:

I want these kind of nails for my wedding

Jessica Fiasconaro says:

I did this exactly how you did them but can’t seem to make them last more than a couple days

Uniquely Made says:

I used this stuff and my bling hasn’t moved in a week and a half. XOXO NCE. LOVE IT!!

LisaC says:

Where did you get these gems

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