How to tell if a diamond is real or fake.
There are many ways to determine if a stone is a real diamond or another material, like cubic zirconia. Here are some of the best ways to spot a fake from a real diamond at home.


TheLilboy6 says:

does these methods works with sapphire as well?

Rachel Falls says:


Swej kcuf says:

Sand papers is the best test for diamond

Anand Shinde says:

I have a real diamond

Rhapsheet says:

real or fake. they are both basically worthless lmao

Leananshae says:

Another way to tell a real diamond from a fake… a diamond feels cold to the tongue if you leave it there for a moment and fakes don’t.

Zion Moun10 says:

Bob, clearly your a dumb ass!!!! because you and your theary will not pass any test. ha ha ha ha. Bob, true people who hate liars like your propaganda. will defiantly take,over your buissnes Proverbs 6:16-19

javed saifi says:
Lord Destiny says:

Hence a lot of rappers wear moissanite diamonds…

Bob Le says:

I went to one of those cash 4 gold places to see how much I could get for a diamond I had and the guy tells me its fake. He didn’t even examine it, just glanced at it. 

Maham Chaudhary says:

How can i check that my diamond is real?

Kevin Garren says:

So basically there is no definite way to know unless you have the right equipment. Is what this video basically says! A diamonds only value is what we give it. There honestly pretty much wothless except in the drilling and cutting industry.

A. W. A. says:

thank you, it is sometimes easy to trick a customer but it is hard to trick a merchant, so customers have to bet on the merchant instead of trying things by themselves. Also sometimes it is hard for an expert to find out whether a piece is fake unless it is used for awhile; thus, putting trust on the seller is more important than putting confidence on one ability when it comes to rarely sold products like jewelry of all kind and watches and some types of cars.

TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity says:

I want real hydrogen crystals in my jewelry

ian's forge says:

awesome. now i need to save two months of pay lol

Diego says:

This is stuipd

villalba874 says:

Truth…diamonds are actually worthless.

Roman O says:

What would be the reason for spending so much money on real thing if no one can tell the difference between real diamond and lets say Moissanite without special tools?
Buy huge stone and tell everyone it’s a big diamond, no one will tell the difference.

TheLilboy6 says:

thank you very much

jose salas says:

If I did a line how I can tell Diamond real or fake

Thoughtsify says:

RIP ears

Boss ⓧ says:

Scale? Check!
Loop? Check!
Paper with writings? Check!
Diamond? Still underground!

SmithsCrhronicles says:

my neighbor bought a jewlery box from a garage (junk) sale, there is one peace that has about a thumb size stone in it and it fogs up to about 2-3 seconds, the other 30 or so 1 carrat size stones do not fog up at all… is that good news or bad news in his case? 

Daniel May says:

I love that ring you wearing !

Emonie Bryant says:

I ilke this . Every body think you are lininy

Cary Harrell says:

Anyone interested in Raw stone..

LT TRAN says:

Thanking you for sharing. Much appreciated it!

Fabian Lalruatfela says:

whats the use if one cant tell a real diamond by just looking at it….. not worth a fashion

*John Smith* says:

Another way: breath on your phone camera and put your flash on the diamond and record and twist the diamond really fast and if it sparks rainbow colors it’s real and if I doesn’t spark or shine then it’s not

Naseer Ahmed says:

only thing that can make difference by applying pressure

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