How to understand Quality & Color of Blue sapphires before buying Sapphire Jewellery

Understanding color of Blue sapphire is a very tricky aspect. To understand the color, it can take forever to make the eyes trained. Thus you need something to compare it. Thus this video is the perfect example of how to understand Blue sapphire and its color, also comparing it with the Cornflower blue color of Sapphire.

Blue sapphires have been the latest addition to Gem fields’ acquisition of the mines in Srilanka (75%), because of this main reason we put Blue sapphires as the #1 gemstone to invest in. Have a look at the 6.80-carat stone in the center. This cushion will mesmerize your eyes, your heart if you look at it for too long. Just like how someone wearing nice jewellery attracts a handsome man, isn’t that why Women wear jewellery in the first place? This beautiful, loupe clean piece of Royal Blue colored Blue Sapphire is perfect for an investment – yes investment and an engagement ring. Investors are always looking for short term and long-term gemstone investments, especially ladies who have the money and love Colored gemstones.

If you are going to make one of the most important decisions in your life – to get engaged, you need a very well planned and thought Engagement ring. Diamonds are forever and not every stone that shines is a Diamond. There are stones like Blue sapphires that are the second hardest mineral that mother earth as given to us.

To know More About Blue sapphires in general:


jamshaid jimy says:

very nice

Butter Pecan Rican says:

Too bad the darker color is considered cheap. I love royal blue sapphires, they’re by far my favorite stones.

Sherry GT says:

why did he he use that thingy to a maybe like just hold? (idk how to say that so called shit type of things ) that gems

이종순 says:

Sumuduni Gems says:


absolutetruthgirl says:

I’m noticing a lot of lighter sapphires which I find not to my liking. The darker blue colour is my favorite.

Space Doge says:

My birthstone is sapphire and I’m proud of it.

Gh Gh says:

ياقوت الزراق الفريقي منتاز

Navneet Gems says:

Hey Don! Navneet here, its true isn’t it. Yes, we have been working on Quora quite a lot for the past few months, we aim to answer all questions people have. Hope you liked this video. Thanks for the comment and do subscribe. 🙂

Emily Kinsella says:

I like the really dark sapphires. The ones that are really inky blue because they remind of the sea in the abyssal planes of the ocean. Lucky the stones in my ring are midnight blue then 🙂

Victoria Corcoran says:

I find myself always more attracted to the depth of the darker stones.

Goldnstone. com says:

I really like this video 🙂 very nicely told the difference it need deep knowledge to understand the minor differences. Great job.

Ezekiel Beltran says:

If you want a light blue why not just get topaz lol. Duh.

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