Matrix Opal Gemstones Come in Many Flavors!

Just a review of some of the matrix opal cabochons that I have cut. I evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and other factors.


CO Schwenke & Son says:

Very cool, the blue is so unique, it’s hard to believe its not more popular. I never knew till watching your videos there were so many different types of opal. Thanks again for the videos.

Ian Hill says:

Hi Donald, just reaching out in regards to the message on eBay.

Angelas. addiction says:

These are so beautiful… My dream is to opal mine and learn how to cut them and process them to make them smoothe…I love your videos, thank u for showing us.

Marc E says:

That box could probably pay off my student debt.

Brett Nigocs says:

Donald those are beautiful. More intense color than that pendant, my jeweler still has not got done. Thank u for sharing these.

Asya T says:

I was very surprised to hear that blue is considered the least valuable color in opal. I think opals with blue and purple in them are the most beautiful.

Grant Watson says:

I love that blue one

mkpleco says:

Each one is unique with its own character. They are all beautiful.

Amanda Lopez says:

I just clicked out of a dolmen twins video to watch this !!!! Lol matrix opal is sooooo amazing!!! It’s sooo beautiful I’m such a different way then other opals !!! I hope to own one one day !!!! Pulitzer opals u rock !!!!! I love your videos u have such beautiful opals thanks so share them with us !!!

MrCoors68 says:

very nice !

Bluejay says:

Gorgeous! I would love a jar full of those!! Going to a gem show this weekend, will pay close attention to the opals 😉 thanks for the video

Stefan Premdas says:

love the large blue with rough edges, would love to have it for an art carving… let me know if its available

Greg Parks says:

Those are beautiful! I’d never heard of treated opal, does that affect the value. Is it worth more typically after treating?

الاحجار الكريمة و المعادن says:


Carianin 52 says:

I’ll take the blue!

YahInu Shua says:

Awesome matrix opal thanks for showing.

Arshia Sultana says:

In any case you can never predict how an opal will turn out to a face value , treatment or just cutting the opal trying to find out something good that is always just a probability.
But this is exactly what makes opal unique,
never know what your getting , But all that time spent in anticipation makes you love no matter what comes out

Craig B says:

Thanks for the video.I enjoy any video you produce

Lee Sass says:

Such beautiful opals I really like the one at 4:23 in the video . It reminds me of galaxies in space. Thanks for sharing

Russell Anderson says:

Enjoyed your video and looking forward to your next one as well
Thumbs up also

Grassguy 420 says:

Beautiful pieces.

Daniel Kaiser says:

Do you sell pieces to people like me? I have started to make wooden rings that look pretty good with the wood I have.I’d like to try and market some.I go with the “God is in the details” approach.See what happens.

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