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Stargleam Beauty says:

I’m going to have to  get some lodolite. It looks so pretty. I love the pendant you sent me =) I’ve been having to stop myself from buying all the ones you put up for sale >.< Yesss definitely do more videos as you get more stones.

chimneys thighs says:

beautiful lady 🙂

Fozia Iqbal says:

your wire wrapping is beautiful!! suuper pretty stones ^.^ great vid xo

Melissa MommaMia Yates says:

Isnt it funny how you go looking for one stone and end up finding a whole other world. Lol. I love making jewerly. I have done some wire wrapping but would still love to see your video. I love gemstones. I would much rather have them than something all fancy like…just weird i guess…lol.

Ixtabay la Matlacihuatl says:

your video is my fovorite from the jewerly collection and you are super cute

SweetTeaRex ! says:

its called labrodorite

Deedhiti Datta says:

oh I love the ametrim

….don’tknow if the spelling is right…. mother nature is amazing

Latarshia Hastings says:

I really love your collection if you are selling your jewelry where do I go to buy them

jarno timmermans says:

great collection. i have a lot of them in mine too. Also if you like inclusions in quartz, you should look at dumortierite in quartz, it’s usually a synthetic, but very beautiful. oh and expensive 🙂

Megaera Campbell says:

Just to clear things up for ya it’s pronounced lab-ra-dor-ite. I’ve had a piece for 3 years and it was the first crystal I ever purchased at a metaphysical shop lol. Also, are you into the properties of crystals or do you just go for their aesthetics?

SincerelySaraiC says:

So many beautiful pieces! You are so talented with your wire wrapping skills. Love the bird nest pendants you made…so pretty.

Свинка Пеппа says:

ооо, я тоже обожаю камни! у вас крутая коллекция. А на 17 минуте ведь клинохлор?

Lady Brown says:

in my real jewelry collection I have 3 crystal necklaces one puple , 2 pink crystal pendant necklace and 1 heart crystal necklaces and crystal heart earnings as well

Alanna infin8bliss Yoga and Wellness says:

You have a real talent for wire wrapping, I love your pieces! 🙂

Simply Ivy says:

You have a beautiful collection! I really want to get into gemstones/crystals, but I feel like I have nowhere to start! I want them all!! haha

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