My jewelry collection 2017 rings

As requested my fine jewelry ring collection as of 2017 high end jewelry
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R sky says:


pennellkay says:

Nice video. Slow  quiet  and well  focused. I saw  some I would love to have.:-)  I think you have me beat on # of  rings.  You have some really  gorgeous  rings.  <3  What  is  your inventory  count?  I'm collecting  jewelry   for my estate   when I pass. I also  sell it. Love looking through  those boxes I drag  home from  auction.

t_marie2016 says:

Omg that’s some serious bling right there

bel mar61 says:

wonderful collection, thank you for sharing them once again, lunadeapril!

Lilac Star says:

Love the massive pearcut. I have one like that but it’s cz. I would love to show my own collection but would worry about security. You have great taste!

Mocha126 says:

Wow just a lovely and gorgeous collection!

Bearcubfan00 Gmail says:

Does it not worry you to mix faux and real together in the same box? I would be concerned about mistaking a faux stone with a real one when they are all side by side in boxes like that. Great collection!

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

Impressive collection.

R sky says:

Your rings so gorgeous! !♡

Ozzie Santos says:

i wont be so mean you have a few nice pieces and a few seem quality i was a bit quick to judge.

John Bonilla says:

Your collection is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Trish Lamour says:

Wow! Very nice collection! I love looking at jewelry, especially gem stones, I’m OBSESSED! Lol Great video thank you for sharing. =:)

Lodoll L says:

How much you buy for a 2ct diamond? You have tons of diamond

K PHUNG says:

Are those all real diamonds and gems?

Ozzie Santos says:

ugly and cheap looking

E T E R N A L says:

Wow, gorgeous! How long have you been collecting?

Sam Jill says:

can’t stop watching this video ring heaven

princess bell says:

I’m so happy you shared. your collection is amazing and absolutely beautiful! I’ve been watching other ring collection videos and I’m like “I have more than you…” you blew me away! and the boxes still kept coming. Beautiful treasures for years to come.

Celena T says:

Very nice!!!

Μαρίνα-Ειρήνη Γρύφιζα says:

How many rings do you have girl?…You know you have only ten fingers… hahaha….

Connie Crawford says:

You have beautiful jewelry… Model some of them. You have beautiful hands to model this type of high end jewelry.

Todd Wendt says:

thank you very much for showing your collection I just go Gaga aura rings I love gemstones I love diamonds I love silver I just love Rings you have me beat I love jewelry collecting also I have a handful of couple handfuls of rings myself as a gentleman they are hard and few to come by in gentlemen’s rings but you’re wonderful collection has left me awestruck again thank you very much dear for showing me your wonderful collection your ring collecting buddy

Sam Jill says:

omg ring heaven am loving them there so many I like ruby ones and diamond ones the yellow gold ones

Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

girl you have a beautiful collection.

Unica Hija says:

Wow what a nice collection. This is normally where i shop for my jewelry. Great value for used pieces.

Hic et nunc says:

Do you get to wear them all? Do you have some schedules of wearing each one or how does it works?

Sam Jill says:

lucky girl

Christine Valentine says:

im in heaven i no what im going be doing today (buying rings) lol x

Ozzie Santos says:

you do have a lot of rings though

BeautyforAshleyB says:

Beautiful collection!

Natalie Phou says:

u got so much rings damn girl ☺

Michelle Barajas says:


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