Karen Wilkinson says:

the one you could not remember was a peridot

GhostCity Shelton says:

At–2:31– it most likely is a nice white shappire.

Mazziiam says:

Sam your rings are stunning!! I love how much you appreciate fine jewellery! If the rings don’t fit but you want to wear them just put them on a nice chain and you can wear them as a sort of memento

GhostCity Shelton says:

At–8:42– the stone could be a blue shappire, or tanzanite.

Mary Nylander says:

Neon Apatite , pretty!

GhostCity Shelton says:

At–3:00– I saw your tanzanite ring & thought it was beautiful (all your rings are BEAUTIFUL) so I popped on WISH & got one alot like yours. Mine has tiney diamonds between ten round blue, mostly velvet stones with a larger velvet looks almost free floating stone. It shines in the sunlight.
Thanks for showing us your collection!!

sajheda p says:

If u told us the prices as u went along would of been great other then that I’m a new subscriber catching up on ur videos n I love them ❤

Deborah Grist says:

I absolutely love your collection Sam. Part 2 can’t come quick enough for me, lol. My Nan started off my jewellery collection too, and I have continued to add to it over the years xxx

NoMoreMissNiceGirl says:


Sherry Holtham says:

Sam I have the same band as hours except my black spanelle only goes halfway round then goes into plain silver.I love it and have always wondered wat it was thanks from NZ

sirenea vasquez says:

Can you tell me the seller on ebay i would love to buy some you have a stunning ring collection im really into rings to and want to start my own collection

Kelsey Whitworth says:

Hey Sam! I’m a new subscriber for you and really enjoyed the ring collection. Very nice variety. The type of “cut” of ring that you like is called “Emerald Cut” I think you called it octagon cut. Anyway cool rings. SO neat that you and your Nan had a couple matching rings!

NoMoreMissNiceGirl says:

I love the moon stone. That’s my favourite. ♥


Such beautiful rings I’ve never known a man who collects rings but they are lovely and good on you

GhostCity Shelton says:

Sam, get an app called, WISH.
They have great prices & lots of cool jewelry including rings.
Have fun collecting. Thanks for showing us your rings. I collect jewelry too & also find jewelry with my metal detector. If tabs & cans & nails & other junk were worth millions I’d be a billionaire. Ha, ha. But some times you find some really neat stuff.
I find them because alot of folks buried their stuff like jewelry esp. to hide it from the British during the War of of 1812 when they burn almost everything in sight.

Sally Wilson says:

Sam you rings are lovely. I can’t stop looking at them xxxx

ant wto says:

Even the box is beautiful!

Sherri Zanoli says:

The purple oval looked like either Charolite from Russia or American opal.

Sapphire Starlight says:


I'm a good noodle says:

I’m gonna rob your heart and then your rings >.<

Arlene Solly says:

Hi Sam lovely collection nice to have things that are special to you. Hugs Arlene xx

Mama love says:


Joanna Pocock says:

Hiya Sam that green stone ring is Peridot its my birth stone for August , lovely collection

glamdolly20 says:

Lovely collection, nice to see a man who appreciates the beauty of jewellery! Sadly silver doesn’t hold its value, so most of your jewellery channel purchases are not a good investment. The gold rings, mostly from your dear Gran, are the best investments but I’m sure you enjoy them for their beauty and sentimental value. By the way – are you sure your Gran’s ring at 17:11 is Lapis Lazuli? It looks more like a sapphire or possibly London Blue Topaz to me – Lapis doesn’t tend to be clear like that, it is a more opaque stone, similar to Jade. How lovely for your Gran to be able to share her love of jewellery with you – lovely for you too, she was obviously a very glamorous lady! Great video, thanks for sharing. X says:

Very interesting ring collection

Kirsten Ramsay says:

Absolutely luv ur ring collection can’t wait for part 2. Ur nan was a very special lady by the sounds of her. Xx

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