Hi everyone!
Someone recently commented asking for a video on my ring collection, and I thought it was a really fun idea, so I decided to film this quick run through.
Sorry if the filming style is kinda weird, I figures holding the camera up would be the easiest way to show you all everything

My instagram: @nazzo_k

Thank you!


jocelynisabelle says:

Yes Etsy! You can get your heart’s desire on there.

Gen'kalovesmakeup says: has shit ton of cool sterling silver unique rings

Paloma Guajardo says:

Try pawn shops sometimes you get lucky and find super cool cheap silver rings

Sarah Ramirez says:

I know it’s a year later, but if your still looking for a tentacle ring, another YouTuber (Mortemer) just starting making silver jewelry this year & her 2nd collection came out yesterday & it’s a very nautical themed line called The Depths & one of the rings is called the Ancient Monsters ring & it has tentacles in the shape of a knot. It’s an absolutely gorgeous silver ring. I just ordered mine yesterday & I can’t wait to get it. Anyways, if you’re interested, her website is

caolila181 says:

An easy way to know if it is silver is actually to smell the jewellery. Silver doesn’t have a smell. If you can smell a metal scent, you have something else.

Kelly Tran says:

Where did you get the skull ring (second row)? (:

Hic et nunc says:

Nice collection, don’t get rid of those rings just put clear nail polish on them. That’s what i learned and have been doing for while now, i have same costume rings for 7-8 years. That’s the trick 🙂

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

Also go to thrift stores some of them have a jewelry case with silver pieces much cheaper then retail

Ava Morrell says:

My nana had a spoon ring like that it was beautiful

BabyLove1D says:

Nirvana Jewelry has a bunch of silver rings if you want to find something similar. 🙂

Starbright Sav says:

You have such a cool collection! I’m a ring lover as well!

carla pereira says:

I fell in love with the octopus tentacle one !!

Papi Shrek mister nice guy says:

I found a link were you can find a spoon ring

Sydney McElveen says:

What nail polish do you happen to be wearing? It’s absolutely to die for!

kima Boho says:

i do love rings but i always try not to get metal or non silver ones cause you start to build a strong bond with the ring and it start to tarnish and you have to throw it away. i mostly buy silver ones now some of them are more than 15 years old. that’s why real silver is the best . btw great collection you have

Eris Michelle says:

you should check out James Avery rings!!

Cinder Roxy says:

“Real” silver tarnishes, I guess you know that 🙂

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