New Gemstone Discovered!!! Gold Sheen Sapphire – New Unique Variety of Sapphire

Gemmologist/Geologist Charles Lawson investigates the new variety of sapphire that has hit the market, now known as Gold Sheen Sapphire. For more information please contact


spongebob001001 says:

Some type of rutile??

Paige Lee says:

Awesome gems

catz Keet says:

Have there been any other colours found? The ones displayed all seem to have a blueish background, but as sapphires come in all colours I was wondering if more had been found. Specifically as ruby(or “pink” sapphire) is closely related I’m wondering if red or pink has been found? ofc I do realise that just because they’re basically the same mineral, doesn’t mean that the formation of the gold sheen asterism is also gonna be conducive to the formation of pink/red stones as well, not to mention that ruby is the rarest corundum colour. That would be stunning en cabochon I think tho, if they were to be found.

Blackfeather 22 says:

I want one

Live free with Christ says:

Well that is exiting

GreyoveZ says:

New gemsona opportunities?

John Kennedy says:

Is this mohs scale 9?

biggrex says:

Reminiscent of smudgy bronze asterism, available from North Carolina to China. More readily available than transparent corundum, although I would suppose one location has it’s own specific idiosyncrasies.

DeadlySickness says:

Glad to see a new video from you. I have just recently taken an interest in mineral mining/cutting and found your channel. You make wonderful quality videos and I really like the support you show for the workers on the front line. Thanks for the quality content!

A Dubs says:

Am I wrong or do I see a star in some of them?

Bootyac Drident says:

Where can I buy this gold sheen sapphire? I’m very interested in investing in this stone

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