New Jewelry and People selling FAKE Jewelry on eBay

This is a jewelry haul video from some of my favorite eBay sellers and some new sellers. I ran into a Chinese eBay seller who is selling fake sterling silver and gems, Buyer beware. Not all sellers on eBay are honest. Just because something is stamped 925 or 14kt does not mean it is genuine.

TRUSTED Honest Ebay Sellers:
Nicoles stores Here is the other store of hers

John Stores:

Maya Creations (Ships Internationally)


glamdolly20 says:

I did the same as you a few months ago – saw some amazing looking ‘sterling silver’ rings on Ebay from China for a ridiculously low price. So as an experiment I bought 4. They were all stamped 925 but I didn’t believe it for a second, as China is renowned for fake sterling silver and the 925 stamp doesn’t mean shit! Anyway, three of the rings were really pretty and reasonable quality but the fourth was horrible and looked nothing like the photo. It was a massive stone in the photo – but the ring that arrived was a much smaller stone and it was much poorer quality than the other rings, eg the stone was foil backed, showing it was a cheap synthetic stone. I agree with your summary – they are cheap and cheerful rings and if the sellers stated costume jewellery, synthetic stones etc and didn’t pretend they are fine, sterling silver jewellery, no one could complain. I actually demanded a refund on that one crappy ring – it only cost me around £1 with I think is approx $2 US dollars but it was the fact they sold it with a fake photo that annoyed me! The other rings are fun additions to my jewellery box and very cheap so no harm done (one is a full length panther studded all over the body with white stones and two tiny green crystals for the eyes – its quite beautiful for costume jewellery and I’m amazed they could do it for the price). Ebay is quite an adventure for buying jewellery isn’t it! I buy most of my jewellery second hand on Ebay from UK and US sellers – so much nicer, and more unusual/unique items than from modern manufacturers and usually better value. Another great video – Thanks Tiffany! XXX Love to Pebbles! XXX

Rebecca J Ray says:

I love your jewelry choices. You really have great taste.

By the way that cheap Chinese jewelry might have lead and harmful metals in it. You might not even want to Wear it at all. Lately I’ve been researching low level lead exposure. It’s pretty scary stuff. I think I’m going to make a video about it soon. Not sure yet.

Cecilia Loke says:

Hello ! I chance upon this eBay Seller :
bbjewels :

Do you buy from this Seller ? Thank you!

Natalia Phou says:

Same ❤️ your jewerlly

Kimberly Pike says:

Does that Nicole have a youtube channel? I recognize that faux turquoise necklace from someone’s video.

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

I would be very interested in the video about fake sterling looking forward to that. Tfs

Sam Jill says:

Good video hun enjoyed it I agree have to be carefully buying online

Cecilia Loke says:

Thank you for sharing with us your experience of purchase of fake jewelries. This is the reason why many of us keep following you by watching your YouTube videos. You not only share your lovely jewelries, but also offer great advice ! Thank You soooooo….. much.

PB PB says:

do you have link for rose plated cuffs? love them! I had an ordeal with Ebay + seller of bracelets, long story but they were shill bidding and I won all 4 that were listed, did not pay and Ebay helped me but never took them down, ugh! thx!!

n go says:

Loved this video! You have beautiful taste in jewelry! Do you buy jewelry on etsy

Kelsey Whitworth says:

Nice haul-once again! I also really like your nails. Really neat jewelry pieces (except for the fake stuff! sheesh!) . Handmade bars of soap are amazing. I’ve been doing some fun melt & pour soap lately. Hope all is well!

She READY says:

Yeaaa… I love when you post new videos…how about scheduling a time and going live…. I had 2 a bad experiences with Nicole recenrly but she resolved them…and I’m still a loyal customer at this point…..I should have gotten that gold ring you got it matches a bracelet I got from QVC…ttyl

Sam Jill says:

Love the Ruby and emerald ring

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