Obsidian: Lava… to Gemstone?

Obsidian can be found wherever there has been volcanic activity. That’s right… obsidian is just lava that has cooled very, very quickly! Natalie unboxes a couple different types and explains everything you need to know about obsidian.

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Fun Craft says:

Can you make something about dragon glass

Nadja Forsman says:

Hey, could you make a video about bismuth? That’s the coolest gem I know!

LamanKnight says:

So, obsidian is a gemstone, but one without a crystal structure? Cool. Rapidly cooled, that is.

NAK says:

What mineral is the cause for Mahogany Obsidian?

Jake Henderson says:

I have one of those it is smaller though

Michael Tryon says:

Really enjoy these videos you put out. When I was a kid I was really into looking at all the rocks I found in the creek behind my house to see if it was something rare and I liked seeing the big gem stones at museums. One critique I have and its no biggie….is that the videos seem dark…like the lighting or brightness is dark…I crank the brightness on my laptop/phone and YouTube gets super bright white, but the videos are still dark, and have a in the shadow appearance. IDK no big deal 🙂

Seppen Obushidian says:

Love the vid, if you speak Japanese you’ll still not understand my username (or you might), but it’s part of “festive snowflake obsidian (owai no seppen obushidian if I remember correctly)
I like obsidian…

P.s. Matpat sent me

Shadow Heart says:

I have this large chunk (about the size of an adult human’s head) it is pure black with no visible streaks/stripes or anything like that, sadly it’s currently only being used as a doorstop

Austin CraftHS says:

In the old days of MINECRAFT… Obsidian was used to make a mysterious portal to the Underworld called the Nether…

kayleb black says:

Obsodian was used by the Aztecs

Samuel Kreiger says:

Flap jack

Bobby Lefever Jr says:

Can you guys send me a huge peace of Obsidian



GetRekt Right says:

Ur awesome

Lolly Loltime says:

Minecraft teaches us things

AwesomeIsLabidochromisM0vies says:

Can you please make an episode on the power morphers from the Power Ranger movie ( 2017 )?

Kevin Ramjattan says:

Dragon glass

Austin CraftHS says:

All Minecraft Player Knows

peacenlove3 faith says:

I have alot of black obsidian and other lava stone in my yard and in the forest behind me in Hartford Wisconsin where there is no evidence of volcano ever why?

JstarOmega says:

I’m going to assume you would like “Houseki no Kuni”. It’s an anime about gemstones that just came out.

Kevin Mensah says:

#Steven universe temple fusion

Evil Morty says:


Whats under the hat? says:

The *sheen” Obsidian is also known as Rainbow obsidian

baka hentai Santos says:


Noah Crawford says:

so the snowflake obsidian is kind of an igneous rock

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