Resizing A Silver Ring Containing Gemstones – Using Thermo Gel – Jewelry Repairs

In this film, Andrew shows you how to resize a ladies silver ring, contaning gemstones, down a couple of sizes.

Because silver is such a fantastic conductor of heat, the gemstones need protecting. Andrew uses a commercial product called Thermo Gel.

This 20 minute film shows Andrew giving over 30 years worth of experience with plenty of hints and tips that are not written or often talked about.

After watching this film you will be fillled with a wealth of experience to make yoursoldering a more pleasurable and accurate experience.

Canon 70D, Body;
Canon Lens 10-18mm;
Tripod for Canon;
Memory Cards;
Card Reader;
Microphone, Cheap;
Canon G7X Camera;
Tripod for G7X;
Mini Tripod;
Mavic Drone;
360 Camera;

Andrew shows you many hints and tips that he has gained from his experience as a professional goldsmith.

Andrew Berry, a professional jeweller for 30 years, is the training director of, an award winning on line jewellery training website.


Kea Michelle says:

Hi, I have three silver rings that need re-sizing … how much would it cost if you did them for me? I could email you photos of them?


Pls, how can I enlarge my ring. Its right and difficult to pull off when I want to. Pls reply, Thanks

Carlotta Brunetti says:

thanks for sharing, but please where do I get Thermo Gel in Germany or Europe?

Gabby Flying Chef says:

It’s not available in the US, do you know of a comparable US product that is AS GOOD as Thermo-gel? Thanks.

icatz says:

Thank you for so quickly answering my question, Andrew! I didn’t use enough Thermo Gel on the turquoise ring I was working. You can imagine what happened.

thelizabeth909 says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill. I dunk in water if it’s AU and if it is a substantial sterling shank will laser solder. No worries. Digging your fancy saw. I’ll look for previous videos on sawing to find out more about it. Let’s all get together for a jewelers manicure party-haha says:


The Studio says:

Finally. Someone on youtube that can actually make jewellery properly, thank you.

wendyannh says:

This is very helpful, Andrew; thank you!

How would I go about soldering jump rings onto a gemstone bracelet or necklace without damaging the stones, so the clasps don’t pull loose? Some are entirely beaded (except for crimps and wire guardians or cups), others are wire-wrapped loops/rosary chain with stations. Would I just bury the whole piece in a cool gel, or submerge it in water? Just the first few inches on either side of the clasp? Or something else altogether?

Sebby Pebby says:

Gracias amigo Andrew

fee220 says:

Thanks so much for sharing Andrew. It’s something I’ve always been afraid to do, just in case i ruin the stones, but you’ve given me the confidence to go in the workshop and give it a go!

The Skys The Limit says:

Hi there’ Is that just normal solder from your general hardware store containing 4% silver or something like that? or is it a special jewlery silver solder with a higher percentage of silver, if so can you just inform me what percentage it is and where to look for it to buy. Im just learning.

DCD DOO says:

Andrew, thank you for sharing. It is more than appreciated.

JOBAfunky says:

Thanks! I learned something new and useful with this. I’ve had to turn down work because of not knowing about thermo gel.

Bonnie Moerdyk says:

Thanks for the video Andrew. I sold Diamonds and Fine Jewelry back in the late 70s & early 80s. I had even started studying formal training for a certificate (a few weeks into it hubby took new job in tiny town). Our jeweler who sized and repaired rings would come in twice a week to pick up and drop off. He always told us that silver could NOT be sized. Was he wrong, or has newer technology come about, or do Britons say “Silver” to designate White-Gold? Thanks !

Vaughn Millner says:

Where can Thermo Gel be purchased? says:

Should one solder the bezel for s gemstone atop the solder join on a ring or in the opposite direction? Thanks, Mary

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