Review | HRH Collection, Stackable Sweets, est 1984, and Black Kittie | J Wong

Hi Everyone!

Decided to film a HD detailed comparison of all the Crystal Chain Jewelry companies out there! I tried to just concentrate on the visuals and not talk too much about the jewelry itself so you guys can form your own opinions on the products!

HRH Collection


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BeautyBee29 says:

Your camera quality is shitty! Serious the focusing is just terrible. As for the review everyone is basically copying Alex and that’s unoriginal and pathetic.

millybells says:

Couldn’t help but notice that the jump rings on the end of the Hrh collection bracelets aren’t soldered closed at the ends this could be problematic for loss

Essie Bee says:

Hi, I have a jewellery line/shop on Etsy. It’s similar style to HRH but different. If you want to check it out. My Etsy shop is Essie Bee Collection – Instagram EssieBeeCollection All my details are in my Instagram bio. Hope you had a good weekend! ✌️️

juicylucy73 says:

you’ve accidentally made a really good ASMR video!

Lilly Rose says:

Im not trying to say Alex’s designs are 100% original, but when you have SO MANY shops copying everything in her line, down to the name its so obvious she made these designs popular.

TheRMonster says:

Thank you so much, your videos are so helpful <3

VirtuDiaries says:

Thank you for a thorough and thoughtful review. I have been interested in at least one of these brands and am so glad you have shown options with detailed information of the other brands as well. I don’t think you are picky, it’s called fastidious! This is a trait that will serve you well in many aspects of your life. Much appreciated by this viewer.

chrissy wally says:

very informative

Happy Puppy says:

I recently purchased from another copy cat company called coffee and couture. They are very new. I was watching Alex on yt and was so disgusted by her I found a competitor to buy from. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this company either. I wish Alex didn’t jack up her prices so much. These items are really cheap to make. But how else would she buy all those designer things I guess. Thanks for the review.

Kim July says:

Great video!

Veronica Green says:

For beautiful handmade sterling silver jewellery see

Jassyjay says:

Great review thank you so much! The products speak for themselves

kittenlove84 says:


Angela Dorau says:

Subscribed!!! You’re amazing. Well spoken, great “show and tell” and honest!

shani_nah says:

I prefer Stackable Sweets over the others (although I wish Black Kittie was still open so I could try 🙁 ). She uses foiled back crystals now (for most of them at least), no wire or glue on the back, the chain is stainless steel, not silver plated, and the lobster claw is a lot bigger. Waay cheaper too (why the heck does Alex charge soo much for shipping when it still takes two weeks EXCLUDING handling??) Also customisation is free, and you can ask to make a bracelet a choker instead, and she’s SUPER nice about it. Also if you liked the smaller tear drop crystal from Stackable Sweets, you can request a smaller chain, because she has those too!

I’ve heard way too many bad things about Alex’s customer support (and her) to want to buy from her even though her designs are nice. But no, her designs aren’t the original ones. I’ve had a similar pear crystal bracelet way before Alex opened her shop (the website, not the one on Etsy) and some of her cuffs (the knotted one) are rip-offs of higher brands (like Jennifer Fisher knot bracelet), so it’s kind of ridiculous to claim who “made” these designs, Alex definitely didn’t create tennis bracelets, they’ve been around for decades. I don’t think the quality is worth the giant price tag though. They’re gorgeous, no doubt but her chains tarnish…for the price she should be able to use stainless steel.

But I do wish the leather bracelets from Stackable Sweets were on par with HRH and Black Kittie tbh; the leather is definitely drier (I also have a white one, so it’s more obvious) and she also has exposed leather on the inside, although she uses metal rivets instead of gluing the leather together, which I like. But I really wish Black Kittie was still in business, her stuff looks sooo high quality I really wish I had the chance to try her.

I might try Liquid Reign/Burst Your Own Bubble next from Etsy. Her stuff looks super cool and she has different designs I haven’t found from the other sellers who do crystal bracelets.

Susie Buchanan says:

The leather/chain bracelets are so easy to make! After purchasing one from HRH, I decided to try making one… and it was easy and fun!

shopalotmary says:

Great video!!! U should review coffee and couture!

beautyplayground says:

Such a great comparison & review!

rika says:

this was super useful! answered alot of questions regarding every little detail! thanks!!

Josette, obviously. says:

very good review. very helpful. very detailed. competition forces companies to make better products, which is good. HRH has recently come out with really nice designs that haven’t yet been duped. I think I would probably buy from HRH because I like her new designs.

Angela Dorau says:

HRH is undeniably better quality.

Love&Heart104 says:

Does black kitty not have a shop anymore?

Ha Trinh says:

You know, I respect everyone’s hustle but I don’t think I’ll ever buy from HRH Collection because her design isn’t unique, it’s overpriced and she doesn’t seem like the nicest person in my opinion.

Bellcleaning Bailey says:

ugly jewellery

Best Ever says:

Fantastic review! I Do love Alex’s work tho..just because I like her personality. That makes a difference to me.

Loren Pemberton says:

Does black Kittie deliver to the UK?

christine daly says:

In regards to the leather bracelets; I have an Etsy store and started to make the inspired Chanel bracelets also (leather bracelets) and it’s hard to find a good genuine leather to create a good bracelet. My guess in regards to Est 1984, she probably used a cheaper leather where Black Kittie, which I also have a leather bracelet from her, uses faux leather. Faux leather is thinner and easier to manage and that is how Black Kittie was able to have the leather on the back side and is also to sell it so cheap. I don’t know HRH but looking at your video, she probably uses a good leather.

pixelscanon says:

Black kitty is no longer on Etsy, what’s their site link?

Miss Silvia says:

HRH collection is way superior to the other ones. The quality is no comparison

Bevmaybe says:

Thanks for an excellent review. I can’t find “Black Kittie Shop” on etsy. Do they still exist?

Catherine Akemi says:

I feel so bad for Alex (HRH). Like all she wants to do is hustle and make herself a living, but everyone is out copying her and stealing her designs.

christine daly says:

Check out my store—contact me if you would like to do a review on any of my jewerly.

Lin V says:

tried to order but black kitty doesn’t exist anymore 🙁

Peachy Tay says:

I’ve been considering getting a HRH bag chain shipped to the UK, but I’m really concerned about the “silver” tarnishing.

TheFuzzyPenguin says:

WHY the need for this review? You don’t like HRH?

Cristina Andrea says:

You talk too much during the video and goes back and forward

Victoria Bank says:

Love the video! Best review ever, I can see everything crystal clear!

Kristie Stubbs says:

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions. Who cares what people say. It’s your opinion and your entitled to it girl, whether it’s biased or not.

The chains with space in between them come that way from a manufacturer. It’s just the way they’re made. Some gaps are more noticeable than others, but HRH and Black Kitty have some gaps too.

If the “exposed” leather on the bracelet is facing your wrist, why does it bother you that it’s exposed? No one can see it. Also, HRH only uses silver lobster clasps. The one you called pale gold on the metallic coco is just silver tarnishing.

Maeli Lopez says:

I’m soo dizzy after watching this video. Thx for the review

Danielle CK says:

People just love to criticise…thought this was very helpful!! thank you! Would love to see more from black kittie

Brianne Holmberg says:

Hrh way over price

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