Secrets Of Jade

Jade is one of the most iconic jewel in the Chinese history and people have been wearing them for thousands of years! I will tell you why~

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Jade Bangle: from China

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Some secrets are better shared than kept, thank you for watching ^_~


skcn nguyen says:

I have a jade bead bracelet does it do the same thing? Protects and heals?

J Pall says:

my grandma always tell me to keep my jade charm on. so i love this video, great one. says:

I have a green jade bracelet.. and also a lavender/purple jade necklace.

୨୧ n a t a l i e ୨୧ says:

I remember when I was younger, I had a friend and he had a jade necklace. But I was really young, like 5 or 6. I always looked at it because is so beautiful. But now I finally figured out what it is called.

Bacchanalia says:

I got hired by two different companies, and the first day I got hired my jadeite ring arrived, then second day I got a call from another company that I was hired.

Alexei Romanov says:

I wear jade for good luck and positive/ protection energy.

SolarNova says:

Please my jade broke can u help me

Abc Def says:

I have jade a broke one off it it did not fit my hand when i got to 1st grade so mow i got a new one

ponzi pablo says:

Does bangle jade bracelet different in effect as compare to a bead type of jade bracelet?

Antonio Alcocer TM says:

thanks that was helpful but yes i agree its my rock of choice to carry.i have jade on me all day…

Q.A. Denson says:

my grandma gave me and my sister white chinese jade dose that mean it wont work for us

Andrew Daddy says:

Useing this video to quote me wife as healer….
I think Jade reconizes me but honestly I do doubt it would be a good idea to wear another Jade I recon my healer might change…..
She has been lifeless and dull but recently she’s shineing more than ever…
But I agree she’s priceless and during the times I wear her it’s pricless……

Nicholas Lawrence says:

Just to add that there are naturally-occuring blue jade and lavender jade too, so not all blue jade and purple jade are fake. : )

To avoid any doubt, you should bring your jade to a gemologist to have it certified.

Charisse Jean B. Marapao says:

what if your going to take a bath will you have to take it off or not?

Kassandra Ho says:

i have my jade bangle on my left hand bc my grandma made me put it there but im left handed would it affect anything if i changed it to my right?? (i’ve had it on my left for a year now.)

Glory Singh says:

that’s a good information for me

george Henry says:

Fake as shit

Del Racho 500 says:

real jade isn’t supposed to break thoe.

Sophie Clark says:

I just got a jade piece ! I’m very excited!

Yasir Iqbal says:

any one its Urdu name I want to buy it !!

Dean Michael Caralian says:

What is the chinese music there please tell me,I’ve been finding that music and anyway,I have a real Jade pendant (Zodiac-fire dog).

Avishi Paliwal says:

I used to wear my sister’s jade ring thinking it will help but it didn’t. I was very surprised that it wasn’t working now I know why thanks

Jojo Van Kelly says:

I love this video. Also you kinda look like the actress Solenn Heussaff. 🙂

Mississippi17 state says:

my granddaughters name is jade♡♡♡ Plus I love jade♡♡♡ I found 12 large stone 1 inch by 1 inch and 1/2 inch thick on a necklace…. I swear I think it’s real!!! taking it to a jeweler soon…


love you!!! thanks for the info!!!

bluecandies says:

I’ve always wanted and have been drawn to jade jewellery, and now I know why
need to find the right one asap

Peach Dreams says:

that necklace is so beautiful ! I have a 2 sided Buddha pendant one of my best friends gave to me 7 years ago and I wear it very often. For me Jade matches every outfit I wear and it’s true it cools you down, I feel more calm too.. I’m obsessed with jade and cord amulets! Also for anyone who may have a second hand jade or any other gemstone you can “cleanse” it so it will be reprogrammed for your use only and any negative energy in the stone will all be gone.

Zamana Karşı says:

I HAVE 20KG PURPLE JADE İF YOU WANT, I AM SELL check dm instagram :@atakiliic

joe8075 says:

Thank you for that very interesting little snippet of asian culture. I just made an ivory ring for my oldest daughter. The youngest daughter dies not kniw that the jewelry i will soon make for her, will be made from jade.

J Shysterr says:

I knew a girl name Jade.  She was very unlucky

Terka Tomkova says:

Does the jade (pendant) have to be touching you? Under or over your clothes ?

Dana Kilgore says:

Where is a good place to buy jade?

ari's nights says:

is white jade natural???

Mississippi17 state says:

Thank you so much for this information on jade!!! although it cost me lol!!!! just purchased 3 pieces I pray that they are real!!!???

Avia T. LittleHawk says:

I love jade and I wear a dragon jade around my neck. It recognizes me and true it is shinier

Anthea Cabrestante says:

im gonna buy a jade bracelet from a feng shui stall the next time i go out <3

Hope Moskal says:

I wear a piece of Pounamu (jade from New Zealand) around my neck. Not sure if it has made me healthier, but it for sure is beautiful.

Komaeda Nagito says:

sadly my wrists are too wife for jade bangles…. as a woman this makes me sad because I believe jade bangles are the peak of femininity


Such an informative short video of jade. Thank you.

C Spratling says:

Omg i sooooo belive this i have jade earings and I lost one earing but i saved the other one not giving up hope on the other earing then the most amazing thing happen to me three years later i got ride of my storage and the other earing was in the corner underneath the box. I put them on a few days later and my luck has been good its truely a blessing

Chee Vue says:

Where can I buy real authentic jade that has not been previously worn?

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