This week, we discuss the basics of stone body jewelry. No manufacturers contributed in any way to this video- my opinions are my own, and not sponsored by ANYONE.
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Weronika Armstrong says:

Why malachit can’t be worn in ears?

TheGrungeMorgue666 says:

Oh JC, “Vibe on that hippie” I love you for that

Bearded Welder says:

thanks for the tips on the stones! very helpful.

George McCormick says:

JC, I love all your videos, as they are very informative. Here’s a good question: Where do you classify “Red Coral” eyelets and plugs, and can I clean them just like wood or stone (jojoba)?

Abby Nicole says:

The perfect amount of strange and educational

allen sneaks says:

“vibe on that hippy” lmao

Katja Dahlqvist says:

Very informative 🙂 I enjoyed it.

Adam Almeida says:

His button down is puffing out near the belt line and its freaking me out, also the bottom on his tie is showing from the bottom of his vest which is freaking me out this dude is shitting all over fashion and its freaking me out

that one cat that will rip your face off says:

his personality attracts me the most.

Ms Creepella Von Styx says:

I love your videos you inspire me so much JC I can’t wait to become a piercer when i turn 18

Rachelle Hines says:

Digging the vampire look…very nice!

Moyai says:

Why the beard type thing though

Rachel Smith says:

This is probably my favorite of your outfits yet, make up included.

Also curious, if someone wants to make their own plugs, what is the best material for a beginner to start with in your opinion?

Breanna Ellis says:

He reminds me of Hugh Laurie as house. Just the attitude.

Kat Sweaters says:

How are you going to stand there with those pants, and pubes glued to your chin and talk down to people for believing in crystals? You’re rather different, how are you judging people for being different?

MonsterDrool says:

How the fuck do you fit a plug in? they are too wide on the sides to get it to fit in. I just bought some but I can’t get them in even though they are the correct size.

Sean Wright says:

I love this video. I was very well educated or informed however you want to think of it. Thank you.

Lily Flufflebutt says:

can someone help me. im on eBay looking at plugs they are saying they are rainbow fluorite and are charging up to $50 a pair depending on size but I want to be sure they aren’t fakes before I purchase them. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between real and fake rainbow fluorite?

Naomi PR says:

I don’t see a lot of tourmaline body jewelery, is it too brittle?

The Flash says:

subscribe and what not

Lily Sharpe says:

ok but to be fair anything can hold energy, crystals are just good at channeling it. Goldstone definetely holds energy, even if it’s manmade energy

shoutycrab 413612111111 says:

you’re really handsome

xx ScreamoDace xx says:

why does this guy remind me of a 5 year old Andy Biersack?! XD

King Dank Newton says:

your an absolute dildo.

daris taylor says:

At first I was like this guy looks kinda stuck up.. then he said “vibe on that hippie”.. subscribed

derek detrick says:

Your suit is amazing!!!

Ashzore says:

I love your suit :3 vibe on that!

Humaneater says:

I like your suit!

Woouderhause says:

Whelp. I got to “vibe on that…hippy” and smashed the subscribe button.

Paper420Planez says:

I like the suit

Synn Kynlr says:


Jeanine D says:

Thanx for this. You are entertaining! And even tho you’re not a “geologist”, you do seem well-informed on stones. Good for you! I’m not a geologist either, but am a biologist with some geology knowledge under my belt. Nowadays, I’m a jewelry maker & lampworker. Just FYI, did you know that the “gold” in goldstone is actually copper? So the “hippies” (that comment made me LOL & I love hippies!) could actually be feeling the vibes from the copper. Also, a lot of the fake turquoise now is made from dyed magnasite. Magnasite is a naturally white or off-white veined stone that’s pretty all on its own & takes a dye really well so it’s easily found in all different colors. It’s very common & inexpensive, so if you see something labelled turquoise that’s pretty cheap & looks pretty real, it’s undoubtedly dyed magnasite. Just thought you’d find those facts interesting. Keep the vids coming! They’re great!

talina yo says:

where is the best place to buy new plugs

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