The best jewelry loupe of all.

This is a cheap loupe and the best that i have ever used so good i had to buy another one. Great for the night time and the daytime both magnification 60 and 30.


Alberto x says:

thanks yeah i like these with led way better than one without.

socalsilver says:

Lol.. I have the same loop.. After getting 4 or 5 different styles, I found that one to be my 2nd favorite. The only downfall to me, it’s a little big & bulky.
But, the small lens gives you some serious magnification!
Great review, Thanks!

Holt Webb says:

Damn, dude. That’s twice. Why won’t you show how well it magnifies?

Edward Nigma says:

Who makes it. And where did you order it from

moinak paul says:

in internet they say , 30x, but most of the times they dont give a 30x . because original 30x costs a lot

Calvert Crane says:

I have the same one you got my problem was when I turned mine on the LED would not work for to big side or the little side so I thought maybe this little piece of plastic to separate the batteries so they would not make contact I went to remove mind with that little aluminum tool and it been that little tool I got a little hammer and I straightened it out but that tool still would not remove the cover to get to the batteries I after trying to use the tweezers they had a curve in them and they would fit in the little hole it was so time even the tweezers could not loosen the battery compartment after trying with the two it came with it I’m going to need to get then you battery cover because this one is scuffed up but I finally thought a way of getting the batteries out I don’t know if I mentioned a bout the two screwdrivers that I got that came with two camera LCDs I kept them I knew where they were I took the little screwdrivers they fit perfectly and it was still to tight and cross threaded I’m won’t get the point now I to two screwdrivers stuck on one side and the other one on the other side with two screwdrivers now that I have both screwdrivers and then in the slots I took 2 screwdriver just imagined it being a  H doing I know have more leverage to turn it to you left to loosen it even the two screwdrivers and the third screwdriver screwdriver I insert the screwdriver in between the other two screwdrivers and loosened the battery compartmentand I finally got a out. When I put it back in I made sure it was not cross threaded like it was.  This may be worry it wrong but I have a program that types when I talk to Dragon NaturallySpeakingit types what I say most of the time and the other reason I have a learning disability so please so please do not leave any negative post I did not ask to have a learning disability I have found out had sleep apnea and I would quit breathing one hour and 14 minutes I would quit breathing my brain was not getting oxygen to help me so the nurse told me that after I stop breathing that my brain was send a message saying I need some oxygen up here so now I’m only CPAP machine and I’m going to have to go to bed . if anyone who snorers and quit breathing they may have so tell your friends and family and know that people you can look at this way a person that has sleep apnea some people have it so bad that when they are driving they will falls asleep a person where I live you can be talking to him then you look over and he is done sleep that quick so he is on a machine like I use but he has a card if the police asked him what he’s doing a tells them he was sleeping and he shows him the card all he has to do show the card to the police and they will leave him alone and he will sleep on the side of the road. It runs in our family but I’ve not got the severe sleep apnea you know someone who stops breathing tell him to go to the family doctor and have them ask their family physician to order a sleep study can go to a place they have set up an appointment for your house some of them do but I this go to the hospital which they have a sleep lab and I go to their and I got to watch cable TV. Seriously a person behind the wheel with sleep apnea you can look at this late it’s like a drunk driver being behind the wheel of a car and they could run over somebody and kill them.God bless you all and good night bed is calling me have a good nine. Sorry I had to say that about sleep apnea with my learning disability I think in 1974 they had sleep machines but I’m not sure if they had had one called it sooner I could be studying computer science how to write software like malware programs and remove spyware adware

Pat Grant says:

Hi can you tell me the link or seller on ebay I would like to get one based off your review

Ann Seedhouse says:

want one please send me details

Steve Beats says:

Totally agree. Just bought one at a flea market for £2. Brilliant! Not sure the magnification is as strong as claimed (maybe 15x and 30x), but it gives really bright, clear images, even without using the built-in LEDs. Better than loupes costing £hundreds. I’ve used a heck of a lot of different loupes over the years, including custom ones I made from microscope ocular lenses. This is the best by far!

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