The Diamonds & Gems of NBA Championship Rings

This week, Natalie is taking her talents to the basketball “gem” (see what we did there?) to showcase all the different NBA championship rings! Watch along as she takes you through NBA history and explains the many different championship rings and their features!

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SnivySquirtle 11210 says:

Please do a Pokémon themed episode.

Matthew McCabe says:

I loved this video, if you are doing a similar video to this, I recommend doing a MLB World Series ring video

Pedro Espinoza says:

I know I’m late, but did anyone else catch the fact that she said Superbowl and it’s a video of the NBA?

6 9 says:

I really have 5 rings

Valuable art says:

I own 0 rings right now

Pyro_GamerX says:

Also why only 3 comments you deserved more

Keith Robshaw says:

How long after the final do the winners get their ring?

Stormfly AA says:

Can you figure out what is the actual The Shikon no Tama/Sacred Jewel/The Jewel of Four Souls from Inuyasha made of?
Please and thank you!

Pyro_GamerX says:

I have around 283837383847 rings ye aim that good

Alexander Zangal says:

Natalie:This is what I call the iluminati ring,I love it.
Me:u don’t say.
*Insert iluminati theme here*

NAK says:

Nice joke in the description. Also, what do you think about mentioning any of these stones in the future? Iolite, Sunstone, Cinnabar, Bumblebee Jasper, Atlantisite, and Fire Agate.

Ninja Hombrepalito says:


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