My Jewelry dreams came true! Me and my seester Sarah Ashely went to our favourite jewelry store ever… Audry Rose! Jewelry and gemstones are truly my number one passions in life. Whether it be making my own jewels or looking at the collections of my favourite fine jewelry designers… I love it all! I hope you guys enjoy this sparkly vlog as much as I enjoyed creating it 🙂 Big thanks to Hannah and everyone at Audry Rose for letting us film and lust over all the jewels! P.s. the new ring I got was by Sirciam and it was the “sparkle burst ring” Tourmaline, diamonds, sapphires, opals … all set is rose gold… dreamy!!!! Remember to like this video and hit the bell notification if you are subscribed .. It would mean so much 🙂

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Editing software: Final Cut Pro X

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Darth Danriea says:

What do you do for work? Obviously you make some money off youtube but you must get paid damn well with sponsors if you can afford your lifestyle.

Not judging your lifestyle though, all the power to you for grinding for what you love.

Angela ralt says:

you are gorgeous, your voice is a little strange haha but i can relate haha i have a similar speaking voice too, i love you!!!

Edward Paxton says:

You seriously need to invest in opal Sarah especially if it’s your birthstone! It is the gem of gems and needs to be respected! I have about a hundred and I still want more.

Oscar Santiago says:

Can you do a top 10 favorite gemstones and top 5 favorite jewelry pieces?

Sumayyah Nashat says:

You didn’t show what you bought there

Lara Talens says:

Is this gold? If not, then why is it so overpriced?

larvara4 says:

I adore you and all you doing, thank you so much! ❤️

Marisa DeAngelis says:

If anyone is into this kind of jewelry but cant afford those kind of prices, Moon Magic Jewelry makes beautiful pieces for way less.

Zarah Hussain says:

She gets the money for this stuff from all her advertisements on YouTube. Great she’s lost a follower for good.

Mina Atiq says:

Can you please do a hairstyle video and what is your PO Box number

lazyla27 says:

Their jewelry is so beautiful, but I would not be able to afford it :(. I think it’s funny that after trying on all that jewelry, at the end she has not one piece of jewelry one. If I could afford those lovely gems, I would stay decked out 🙂

ItsmyLIFE says:

Pls make a video on organic diy or products avialable for Stretch Marks

Therapy Pony says:

The level of judgement here is to be pitied. If you think a ring of this price is vulgar, kindly check into the world and learn that people buy works of art in the millions. She treats herself to a nice ring. So what. Her channel promotes wellness and self love – duh! Sure, YOU’D like to think you would donate your money to a homeless charity. We’d ALL like to think we would. But whether you would or not is an entirely different matter. Dont waste your time judging others – volunteer at a homeless shelter, if you are concerned. Wasted time, wasted money. What’s the difference?

athena dinunzio says:

this lady is so fuckin annoying ugh

Laura Vuić says:

I hate when influencers and youtubers represent something beautiful but so expensive. Like, who the hell can afford it? Yuck!

kaylyn delaney says:

Love your videos but when you said you spend too much time on their site, I was like oh those are gorgeous I’ll take a look too. Saw a ring for $12,000 and hopped right off the site

Dini Anas says:

Guys all their rings are handmade and all their stones are ethically sourced I can’t afford it either but chill to each it’s own.

Michelle Ng says:


ezra marie dalay says:

these vlog made me sub to ur channel.. like it gurl!

lelolai03 says:

Beautiful but way too expensive 🙁

ivi122 says:

Can you do what I eat in a day videos? I love those kind since you eat so healthy and clean

jannah Afifi says:

Will you do a video on how to transition to holistic life?

happytobealive lulu says:

Beautiful jewelry.

Swat Valley Gems says:

Hi, nice video of you
plz provide me your email address

Star Blue says:

Your teeth are gross

Rania Rania says:

Stunning but not for the average person with the average salary!

Zara Zara says:

that jewelry shop looked like some cheap hair or nail salon with very cheap decor.

Zara Zara says:

the angle is so funny makes your mouth look so big

WAV says:

Please, do useful videos about haircare and bodycare and food! This is really boring and useless 🙂 thank you

Gwen M. says:

Nothing wrong with enjoying fine jewelry! I know many of us can’t afford this particular brand but seeing all the cuts and designs gives me inspiration on what to look for next time I go shopping.

RandomIsMyLif3 says:

you have nice hair and lond slender must be nice XD my stubs wouldn’t look good in anything

insane logic94 says:

When trust fund babies try and find enlightenment.

This is Me says:

|| The Perfect Brunette with Editorial Layers || Inspired by MILA KUNIS . I watched this youtube video recently. I think this hair cut would look great on you.

GLORY says:

Y’all commenting on how she affords this are way out of line! It’s none of your business! Instead of jealousy or expressing your disapproval,how about just be happy for her? And just because she enjoys fine,expensive jewelry,doesn’t at all mean she’s not still her same down to earth Sarah. Back off of her people,please. This is her time to enjoy something that’s special to her. And she took the time to share it with us. Either share in her happiness or move on. But to outright disrespect her is absolutely uncalled for.
Sarah,keep being you despite what people think or say. You’re the only you and nobody can do you better! Much love,Glory xo

Marisa DeAngelis says:

The price was what took my breath away, literally. Lol

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