Truth about GOLD PLATED jewelry

Questions come up all the time about gold plated jewelry. It’s a very popular and practical alternative to spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars for fine jewelry. I just wanted to give my “real talk” or 2 cents about gold plated jewelry. In no way am I bashing or discrediting gold plated jewelry. I prefer fine jewelry.



Robert Martinez says:

Didnt get t o finish cuz he talks to fuckin rather wear plated now than have to listen to his fuckin mouth one more min…give me a fork in the eye over yakity yak yak

Tyler Jay says:

I got one for $1 for a prank

Albert Medina says:

How long until the gold faded off ?

forrealgirl 42 says:

If you want real shit pay for it, if you don’t pay for that fake shit and shut up

Gerson Aragon says:

What do you think of those joe rodeo, luxerman high end watches that have real diamond but are yellow gold plated?

daily reacts & interviews says:

The sell gold plated chains that wont tarnish ..this white bitch is stupid …


What would be the best if you cant afford real gold?

BULL1TRC Jr says:

explained it very good

James Young says:

Man do something about that shit on your face…. I’m trying to hear you out but all I can do is focus on that shit man…

Patrick Davis says:

I have a gold plated poket watch i was living in a mining town just about ate all the gold plating off it

Julius Playz says:

Is gold plated jewelry real gold or no

Jamie Mulcahy says:

I bought a gold plated Cuban necklace, when I first got into gold. It faded within 5 days and was told when I eventually got replies from the company that it was due to inappropriate wear. This company has the flash website, the promised guarantees, everything. But when it came down to it they were pigs. I would love to name them for you to test a piece of theirs. A review video on one would be great! Majestic Vue!

joe mace says:

Red neck.lmao

Zevoks says:

I bought a gold plated bracelet for $4 on Ebay and it’s lasted 6 months without fading. I expected it to fade in days i think it’s a miracle.

Dope XP says:

How can you find a real black rhodium chain and how much should it cost?

Car Audio Inc says:

Love your vids.

yung savage 800 says:

I’ve had a gold plated chain and I wore it for 5 years, not a single scratch, nun much change

Christopher Williams says:

Nice vids, but that “smash smash smash” gesture is a bit cheesy. Lol

Drop It says:

Is gld shop bad gold plated


This son of a bitch just contradicted his in the sam sentence “it dont upset me ot upsets me a lil bit”fuckin dumb fuck…

ruben martinez says:

i got a question does a reall silver piece stay the same color after the gold plating fades away or does it turn the silver a ugly color? or does it still keep its shiny silver color after gold plating fades off

RecordGaming says:

1:40 he just gave me a great slap boxing tip

mada Mendoza says:

Have you heard of duragold and is it real gold if you can get back to me I’d really appreciate it man

Augustine Lopez says:

I like u bc u tlk shit about jewelry so much your chains are probably fake

Sandor Hajas says:

can gold plated pendant tarnish?

Marvin vanegas says:

Fake jewelry for fake people..period

Lil Savage says:

This guy is so fake, Nice marketing strategy. Many many street wear and designer brands use plated chains.

Ray Ray says:

He the best man in the game

IM 2 FLY says:

King ice Dookie chain 14 Carrot I bought I want hundreds of times no problems no scratches no nothing coming off I would say just get it I forgot the price says:

we are buying gold for top dollar at

oscar villa villa says:

129 niggas wearing fake chains

James Holloway says:

Don’t buy one from ( The Gold Gods) can you make a review on them you can buy there stuff at zumiez.hears why it’s bad.It ok jewelery I bought a Cuban link necklace and it started to fade on the clasp and now they telling me after I sent them a picture I need all this proof like some authentification card.that I was not given when I purchased my Cuban Link chain and bracelet neither 1 of them came with a authentification card. And they expect you to keep the receipt for the lifetime warranty which is not told to you when you buy it.

Lp boy says:

You’re cool bro , that 96 dislikers are assholes

Paula I. says:

Excelent video thank you very much!! I got a daith piercing about 3 months ago and the jewelry the piercer used was gold plated, it wore off after 2 weeks because I was cleaning it every day. I got so angry but now I know better and will never ever buy gold plated jewelry again!!

Jubbyy says:

If I were to buy 18k over stainless steel would it be better than 14k over copper or something?

bencinurts says:

Why are humans so obsessed with material crap?

SavageKing08 YT says:

My shit is real a fucking silver and gold not gold plated chain in fuckin 13 lol

anthonykennethbishop says:

I just bought a couple of gold plated coins which I’ve done a review today and they seem to be good I’m keeping them in the case.

Jubbyy says:

Do you have any gear stones? If so let me know

Tupacc says:

What’s your option on god gods?

TV Tech says:

most pawn-brokers that buy real gold, don’t melt in down they sell it on for higher profits, i paid £2400 for my 9 carat gold necklace, only to find out its only worth £700 to a pawnbroker.

Quinton Gates says:

Had to show the homie this he said I buy too much gold just get a fake chain nicca no fucc I look like

Fsu08 Alvarado says:

We’re what u can afford at the end of the day I’m wear real shit cause I’m a real mofucker

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