Unboxing a Broccoli Looking Gemstone

On this week’s unboxing, Natalie unboxes multiple versions of the multicolored Chrysocolla. Watch along as Natalie explains Chrysocolla’s features and characteristics, as well as, the unique relationship it has with Copper.

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Ann P says:

I smashed dat like button :3

Brisamar Gutierrez says:


Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem says:

what about Turquoise?

- Slinger - says:

I’ve always wanted to go Coober Pedy. But I’m a poor schmuck on the other side of the world, so I doubt it’ll ever happen.

Sarah says:

Loved this! Congrats on 1 year of gorgeous, fascinating gems and specimens!

Jesse Jacobson says:

i’d probably go to somewhere in southeast Asia and i was so worried she’d break that this piece.

TheAtheistPaladin says:

I thought it looked like broccoli. Must be eating moldy broccoli.

Baysgalan Zayabaatar says:

Wow I’m first

Cry Baby says:

Omg it’s my birthday

Toasty Cat says:

Columbia for emeralds and sapphires…. or maybe Australia for opals and sapphire or even somewhere in Africa for diamonds, sapphires, opals, etc………. can you tell I like corundum? XD

Chris Medley says:


Jenny Clementine says:

Which gemology school did you go to? I want to go but not sure which one..

K Connor says:

The specimen does kinda reminds me of broccoli .
The pattern on the large rock reminds me of agate .
All in all some very nice examples .

Sherri Zanoli says:

Host looks like Tibetan turquoise.
Don’t you just love how mother nature left beautiful surprises for us to find.

Wan SN says:

Last zoom part is perfect today. I love that slow pan, slow zoom, crispy image!

alexandra says:

could You make vid about unakite jasper pls

Sea Blue Topaz says:

They are almost at 100,000 subs woooo

William Boyd says:

I have a small slab of chrysocolla that is mixed with cuprite. It’s known as Sonora sunrise. Oh! Hey Natalie do cuprite next!

Ninja Hombrepalito says:

When I said it loks like brocoli, I hadn’t seen the part of the video where he says the same XD

David Ocampo says:

There’s a drug pun somewhere here…

D R says:

I need a full episode on Alexandrite. I’ve been waiting so long lol

William Boyd says:

The slab looks like a birds eye view of the Caribbean.

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