Unboxing a LARGE & FLASHY Gemstone

On this week’s unboxing episode, Natalie reveals one of the easiest gemstones to identify and study if you’re thinking about becoming a gemologist! She explains Labradorite’s flashy characteristics, where to find it, and how you can use it in your daily life!

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Michael Harig Jr says:

Journey to the center of the earth… Oh Shist lol

Laura Brown says:

Omg I have soooooo much labradorite, it’s my favourite. I love how no two specimens are the same, and the colours are so varied. I have specimens in morpho butterfly blue, jungle green, pale yellow, watery teal, Autumn gold, rainbow bands, sea lagoon, misty rainy blue, copper, red, pink, purple…heck I have a crystal ball with a significant patch of peachy pink! I’m surprised you say you’ve not come across it in jewellery because it’s very common here- heck I have 2 rings, set of earrings, free bracelets, two necklaces and 6 pendants! I don’t even know how many tumble stones I have XD

Forest Masters says:

labradorite is my favorite! I make a lot of jewelry with it and moonstone

TheXV Knights says:


Igor Markovic says:

Yay, I suggested Labradorite a few weeks ago 🙂
I’d suggest Sugilite next 🙂

Cyberpunk Alchemist says:

This was awesome! Seeing a specimen, a rough, and a gemstone cut of labradorite was super fascinating!! please do more, I’ve asked for this type of video before but…. I WANT MORE!!!! >:3 (also Flapjacks)

Paige Lee says:

Love the healing properties to it too and protection it brings to us

R. Lamb says:

I love your videos, I recently just found you guys and have been binge watching for hours!!!

elise pauwels says:

Spectrolite usually displays more or all colors of the rainbow

alexandra says:

yay ! my favorite stone ,
I have a lot of these, most are palm stone

Todo McGillicutty says:

Did they put you in that shirt to get back at you for saying the background was boring?
You look like a floating head with two disembodied arms! Haha

savisthegreatest says:

hey I would like to send a sample to you I have no idea what it is I pulled it out of the ground and it’s a pretty rough

Subjecttochange says:

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go to school for gemology?

Quinn Sterd says:

I was waiting for you to show labradorite on this show

Cor Gems says:

Natalie wants to turn every mineral into bookends.

moodypanda130 says:

Would you ever consider doing a video of jewelry you made? I’d love to see it.

Midna Magic says:

I used to have a tiny leaf shaped piece of Labradorite. Called it my dragon’s eye.

Sara Angel says:

This is the best niche channel on youtube. Also, the prettiest <3

Salty Soup says:

Do you know were in Norway to find cool stones.

Alexander Zangal says:

Please make a video on alexandrite Or blue amber Or Maybe chalcopyrite Plz ^-^

hurr durr says:

I love labradorite, I have a big piece from Madagascar that even has flashes of pink in it.

Midna Magic says:

Can you do andesine?

SektrifGaming says:

I found something I thoguht looked cool in a store. It was a Gem that acted as a stopper for a bottle. I posted a photo of it on twitter on JTV, but I’m not 100% sure if it was the right twitter page as it doesn’t fully seem to have anything to do with your YT channel content. Anyway, I’ll post the link here for you people to see what I found.


OddBirdy says:

Is it bad that a new it was labradorite before I clicked on the video?

Angela Morales says:

I love labradorite. It’s one of my favorite stones. I have several pieces, some being gifts. It’s suppose to have protective energy.
I also love fluorite. I was excited to discover a stone that can often have my two favorite colors, green & purple, in the same piece.

Albinojackrussel says:

Would you ever be comfortable making it public how much you’re paying for your specimens. I’ve seen labradorite (smaller than this guy) on sale at such a range of prices and i count my stars that the first time I saw it on sale it wasn’t being sold for a rip off price. It would really help people avoid getting ripped off

boo bunn says:

oh im so super super excited i just bought a package of recovered second hand stones from a jeweler friend and also took a gamble on a silver and smokey quartz ring.

i spent 30.00 uk pounds . two lovely cut gemmy amethysts huge. a garnet cabochon that has seen better days but would glow with a polish. a delightful 2 carrat aquamarine.

but the ring. this isn’t silver and smokey quartz. this is platinum and a fancy colored grey lavender diamond. silver would have oxidized in unpolished areas and gone black in the places a jeweler cant polish. and smokey quartz does not show a diamonds rainbow fire even when well cut and polished. . im going to buy so many cool stones when i sell this ring to a pawn shop.

James Martin says:

I love Labradorite that is an awesome sample

80's Plants says:

Name it the Ridley stone, because you uploaded this video when Ridley was announced for smash.

LatiDragon says:

I love labradorite. It’s my favorite gem of all time. The Hobbit movies helped with that lol

KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon says:

Sorry im late E3 happened. Looks heavy but bright and pretty.

Sudhanva Sapre says:

Chemistry is interesting!!! Please talk about it!!

Gretchen Clausen says:

Labradorite = new moon, moonstone = full moon. My brain’s affiliation.

TheXV Knights says:

I can believe out of 70k ppl who watched this only 65 liked it…..sad

Paige Lee says:

Love Laborite love the dark blue flash

N A says:

Ive been waiting for labradorite! I love its orange/yellow and deep blue flash. Labradorite actually kickstarted my interest in crystals officially.

Myco Miĺĺan says:

It was huge Labradorite

Jenny Katsaris says:

I make jewelry with Labradorite (necklaces, earrings, ect). I sell on Etsy. I love it! it is one of my favourites. I can make you a new one. This is my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JennyMorinDesigns. I can list it just for you as a reserved for you sale.

NAK says:

Did you know that Labradorite is the national gemstone of Canada? It was discovered in the state of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador where it gets its name. Spectrolite is supposed to be a variety of Labradorite that has a much stronger labrodorescence. It can sometimes exhibit all the colors of the rainbow like the visible spectrum of color just like it’s name. Spectrolite is also the national gemstone of Finland where it was discovered.

DarthXerion says:

Labradorite is one of my favourite stones. I have a few small stones in my room and some jewellery.

Toasty Cat says:

these vids are awesome…. been watching for a while and they are really helpful when you work in retail and sell mineral specimens, tumbled gemstones, jewelry etc :3

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