Unboxing Incredible Priceless Jewelry

This week’s priceless unboxing leaves Natalie speechless! Joined by Shelly, a curator for the museum collection called “Somewhere in the Rainbow,” who helps explain the backstory of these gems on this priceless jewelry.

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N. M. Fergus says:

That’s so pretty

Aquilio Bangot says:

I was sent by HellthyJunkFood

john sheperd says:

Can she bring all of us Christmas presents?

Drawing With Alex says:

She’s the female version of unbox therapy

ThatAussieGirl says:

*runs out of the room with the jewels to become a Gollum hermit coveting my precious’*

Leighton Van Dyke says:

Wear the jewelry, don’t let the jewelry wear you.

Rachael Jackson says:

Omg I so hope you actually got the wear that to dinner you go girl!

Agnieszka Sciog says:

I was the first one to like!

wanpakudanpu says:

Shelly, come back and bring Natalie a birthday present!

sgfluellen960 says:


marshmallow cream puffs says:

That was soooo cool I love the ring and it’s so unique

I. Zweyrohn says:

Wow you two have such a nice and warm chemistry 😀 It is really fun watching you two talk about gems and jewelery 😀

Delcorra says:

Mandarin garnets are my favorite gem. I gasped when Natalie took out that ring. They are just stunning. Love this channel <3

Nia Ashmore says:

I wanted to know about the ring she was wearing on her right hand. I was mesmerised by its movement. Absolutely love this channel as I love gems but don’t have the income to buy them x

An Yl says:

I think it would be nice if you didnt spin the picture and switch the angles when we have a change to have a closer look at the jewellery. Spinning, weird editing and rapid changes in angles and shots make it really hard to take a look at the detail of the gemstones, Ive noticed this in couple of your latest videos, so it would be nice if you took longer shots of the gems and let us have our time looking at them.

Marcus Jones says:

TEACH ME!!!!!!!

Alyssa Guadagnini says:

I always love your videos! The jewelry in this was absolutely stunning and I enjoy learning new things about gemstones every time I tune in!

Mister Fnaf says:


KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon says:

I love this channel and actually got questions on rocks and gems right from watching this show.

Zansi says:

I loved the tiny bird on the inside of the ring, designed to look like it’s sitting in a tree. Gorgeous pieces. The ring was my favorite, by far.

Blindside says:

if you like food & gems does that mean you like Pop Rocks?

AA A says:

Omg I loveee

MarcellineCazz says:

That bracelet was the most stunning piece I’ve ever seen! Thanks for sharing it with us.

lifeincolour09 says:

What I learned from this channel is to pick up and keep every funny looking rock I might find. You never know how valuable it could be.

Bioluminescent Pajamas says:

“Give me your wrist already.”

random miller says:

MatPat sent me

Shelly Sergent says:

What a fabulous, fun segment!! Thank you for inviting me and Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection!!! We love our JTV family!!

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