10mm Miami Cuban Link Bracelet DanielJewelryInc Review

Just me showing a bracelet that I purchased from DanielJewelryInc. I originally had an 8mm bracelet but traded it in and paid some more money to bump it up 10mm. Hope you enjoy


Nick Marks says:

That’s sick bro I love it.. ima get the same one ☝️

Gagji Jadeja Jadeja Gagji says:

U price

Carlos Lujan says:

How long does it take for them to make it I barely ordered mine looks good dude !

Borja Tesoro Recio says:

Menos presumir de brazalete y limpia el patio de la piscina que tiene más mierda que el sobaco de una churrera

nikkakillss says:

How much is this I bought a 6mm gold cuban curb chain I like it but it twist a lot about to switch it in still have a few days left before I’m stuck with it ?

Christopher Lee says:

CMG in Miami also makes nice Cuban links.

jmfr030201 says:

how much did you get it for? I have a daniels account, I might wanna get this

1k subscribers without any videos says:

I have a jacoje chain its a beast

Gagji Jadeja Jadeja Gagji says:

Thanx boro

Kameo Walkin says:

Hey JudoYoNeck where is the video with the 8mm


How much did the 8mm cost you that shit is dope

MarvFIT says:

What size is your wrist? I have like 7 1/4 maybe a little smaller. I’m gonna get the same bracelet just wondering if the 7.5 will fit good

Polly Walnuts says:

Approximately 3 weeks is the turnaround time frame for my bracelet to be completed!

Gagji Jadeja Jadeja Gagji says:

i love u boro

Woodston 123 says:

How do I adjust the size my the bracelet


Excellent video and Nice chunk. I just bought a 14K/9MM/9inch Miami Cuban Link Bracelet from Rey’s Cash & Gold. There a few titans in SoFlo that make Cubans correct Daniels and CMG but don’t over look Rey’s. Nice piece Judo !!!

Here’s my review: https://youtu.be/AnvdjRIzof0

JudoYoNeck says:

Hey Everyone! If you liked this video, go check out my 14mm Miami Cuban Link bracelet Review! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRJ778HLUSE

Scar Face says:

Thank you

Vacheron Constantin says:

I love my Cartier Love bracelet

Anthony Jones says:

Just waiting for mine to ship out. This video keeps me hype!

Polly Walnuts says:

Just arrived yesterday THIS IS AWESOME and they did a fantastic job!!!!! Many thanks to Daniels and your video

JASON G says:

Nice looking Cuban! I’m hoping to upgrade mine in a few months. I currently have a 51g 14k 12mm. I’d like to go up to at least 80-90 grams, maybe 18k.

John VS Bear says:

Dirty Garden, dirty nails.

Polly Walnuts says:

Very nice bracelet, because of your video and additional research i did; I ordered the 11mm ( i know yours is 10) just like yours. The Staff their are very helpful (my opinion). I have 2 weeks to go before i receive it. I can’t wait to receive it. Thank you for the vid.

Ralph Woods says:

Heavy peice congrats

iSETTRENDZhaa says:

That boy nice bro

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